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Amazon Advertising's Big Progress in 2018 Will Mean for 2019



It's easy to make noise, but 2018 will be remembered as a memorable year for the advertising industry. Amazon. It is now estimated to be the third largest seller of ads in the United States, behind Google and Facebook, with a 4% market share (control of hype). What will fuel the additional investments of the advertisers, it is the types of changes of products and the evolutions that we observed this year.

Amazon still ranks its advertising business under a different heading in its revenue reports, but this segment surpassed $ 2 billion for the first time in the first quarter and continued to experience triple-digit growth in revenue. quarter, reaching $ 2.945 billion in the third quarter.

From Us Amazon Advertising Forecast 2019 Based on a survey of over 600 marketers, what stands out is the length of the track ahead for Amazon advertising in terms of adoption, investment and growth of advertisers. Of the 80% of respondents who said they would like to increase Amazon 's advertising budgets next year, 60% expect to spend up to 25% of their annual budget by the end of the year. digital ads on Amazon. More than half of them plan to fund an increase in spending with an extra budget, 30% plan to spend from one research budget to another, 24% said the budgets would come from the budget. 39, posting or other non-digital budget lines such as press or television, and 21% provided budgets paid. social.

We interviewed several Amazonian marketers about the major changes in 2018 and what they mean for Amazon advertisers and sellers in the coming year.

Unified Mark and Systems

In September, Amazon withdrew its disparate advertising product brands – Amazon Media Group (AMG) for Services of display and managed videos, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) for vendor ads on Amazon and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) programmatic solution – and unified them under the Amazon Advertising brand. It has also been renamed Headline Search Ads, a sponsored ad and the Amazon ad platform is now Amazon DSP.

The company is also considering consolidating its vendor platforms. As the Recode report was released for the first time, Amazon is expected to launch One Vendor, a system that combines Vendor Central (retailer) and Seller Central (third-party market) in the first half of next year. Earlier this year, Bloomberg announced that the company had merged its retail and marketing operations teams led by Doug Herrington, senior vice president of consumer operations for Amazon America. North.

Evidence that Amazon has made advertising a priority 2018, Bryant Garvin Advertising Manager at Pattern (formerly iServe), pointed to Amazon's recent hires at Google, Twitter, Facebook and other big sellers of ads, as well as the deployment of features that were previously available only to users. The retail division of Amazon. Garvin noted that sponsored brands were previously only available in Vendor Central and that sponsored products had additional features such as targeting by category, brand, and ASIN level.

The interface and the API were the subject of important updates [1945].

Amazon's campaign management capabilities are still lagging behind those of Google, but the company has made many improvements this year. Todd Bowman, senior director of Amazon and eRetail at the Merkle Performance Agency, said that the improvements made by Amazon to the UI and the API were among the most significant changes brought by the company in 2018.

In the user interface, the changes made it easier to manage search accounts on Amazon, said Bowman. These include updates to the Reporting Console, including the ability to filter and customize date ranges. More recently, added Bowman, Amazon added Enhanced Budgeting control, which allows advertisers to set portfolio budgets for all campaigns. "By using these portfolios to create a budget, advertisers now have a solution that allows them to establish an overall budget on the account for a specific date range and essentially solve the problem of budget stimulation. at the account level, "said Bowman.

According to Bowman, API upgrades are "important because the integrators have been able to create tools that offer many possibilities for automating account management and updating." mass". He cited three new features, including mass-level, multi-level campaign updates; reporting parity between Seller Central and Vendor Central advertising programs, with API support for Search Query and Product Purchase reports; and automated API bidding for Sponsored Product and Sponsored Trademark Ads. Merkle has created and integrated its own internal bidding tool to manage large-scale customer campaigns.

Promoted Brands Acquire Inventory

Amazon has added more Inventory for Sponsored Brands this fall. In addition to displaying at the top of the search results pages, the ad blocks may appear in the left bar on the desktop, below the fold on the desktop and the mobile and every thirteenth position on the mobile.

most important changes made by Amazon this year, said Bowman. Promoted brands consistently offer higher click-through rates than sponsored products or Product Display ads (which added video capabilities this year), said Bowman. "Because of the high performance of these ads, the addition of additional slots on the [search results pages] is a big change that will benefit advertisers." According to Mr. Bowman, more impressions could lead to a drop in CTR, "but the change will be globally better for brands because it will give them more opportunity to show an advertisement with several products and an advertising text that will appeal to the brand. client. "

The Growing Need for a" Hybrid "Marketing Approach to Amazon

Brittany Page Associate Director of SEO at 3Q Digital, said that a number of items were putting downward pressure on organic real estate, including additional sponsored Brands placements, expert recommendations and purchases video guide and Amazon's own brand products, which are often marked "Top Rated from Our Brands"). Page expects organic real estate to continue to contract, but optimization and merchandising will remain essential. "Instituting a hybrid optimization approach for organic and paid campaigns will be the best strategy for brands seeking to maximize their visibility," said Page.

Garvin also emphasized the need for salespeople to think globally about marketing. on Amazon. "More than this year in the past," said Garvin, "it's not enough that someone creates a good product and" lists "it with the right titles and descriptions for an organic ranking. 39; excellent products and content on the detail pages, and is strategically boosted by advertising to stimulate the increase in the number of retail views (DPV) and sales taken into account by the organic algorithm of 39; Amazon. "

Advances in Assignment and Analysis

" With all that Amazon Advertising has accomplished in During its New Year as a true business-friendly advertising channel, an exceptional program launched this year will actually change the game in the future. the coming years for big sellers and brand manufacturers advertising on the chain: Assignment and Analysis of Stores, "said Nich Weinheimer Vice President of Electronic Commerce on Advertising Platform Kenshoo.

Amazon Attribution is currently in beta. Amazon launched Analytics for Stores in March, showing statistics such as daily visits, page views, sales, and sales units by page and by traffic source.

"While Amazon is achieving profitability and profitability, Weinheimer explained:" Exposing the way customers buy on Amazon via Beta Attribution and Stores Analytics marks a historic moment for the tech giant. "

Having the ability to see which sources drive traffic to store pages means that brands can drive traffic from other channels and assign sales to those channels. online D2C [direct-to-consumer] – think of the major consumer and consumer electronics suppliers – are now equipped with the necessary tools to use Amazon as D2C game, able to expand Facebook advertising efforts , other news channels or display external media. Amazon will generate traceable performance on its largest online retail network, "said Weinheimer.

He predicts other online markets to develop similar PPC advertising solutions for brands in 2019. "But Amazon is now arming its brand providers with the tools to pull even more web site traffic, and brands are happy to pay the bill. "

Storefronts Launched for Small Businesses

for Amazon Launched Storefronts in September

Tanya Zadoorian Chief Market Analyst at CPC Strategy, also announced the release of m The sophisticated measurements for storefronts and stores this year have been significant. "We have seen companies leverage Google's social media and text ads to reduce Amazon Storefronts traffic to increase visibility across channels," said Zadoorian.

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