//Amazon ad spend up to 3.5 times Thanksgiving week compared to investments in ads before the holidays
amazon ad spend up to 3 5 times thanksgiving week compared to investments in ads before the holidays 760x490 - Amazon ad spend up to 3.5 times Thanksgiving week compared to investments in ads before the holidays

Amazon ad spend up to 3.5 times Thanksgiving week compared to investments in ads before the holidays



Amazon said Monday's cybercredits were the most important day in its history, beating by far the results of this year's Prime Day sales, accounting for nearly 30% of the online sales market . According to the Kenshoo Digital Advertising Platform, not only was it a great day for sales, but Amazon also experienced its biggest day of advertising investments in Cyber ​​Monday.

According to Kenshoo, his clients invested 2.2 times more in Amazon native ads on Cyber ​​Monday compared to Prime Day. On average, Amazon ads were spent in the five days between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber ​​Monday, 3.5 times the average number of days before holidays. advertising investment.

Prime Day offers advertisers an opportunity to "reactivate" the pump. Margo Kahnrose, Vice President of Marketing at Kenshoo, explains that the increase in advertising spend on Cyber ​​Monday compared to Prime Day indicates that advertisers are confident that their investment on Amazon will pay off.

"Q4 shopping days are so critical for brands that they can not experiment with them, they must be a well-oiled machine with predictable performance," says Kahnrose. an unprecedented opportunity to gather information – on products to promote, on how to automate and optimize on the scale – before the holidays, and this is so that brands should think of as a dress rehearsal. "

Kenshoo says its customers have continued to see a positive return on Amazon's advertising spend throughout the Thanksgiving shopping week, and predicts that advertisers will continue to invest on the platform throughout of the year.

"Brands want to invest more because of the almost immediate gain that they see," writes Kenshoo on his company blog . According to the company, one of its customers, which is also among the top 50 global sellers of Amazon, has recorded a 40% increase in the conversion rate through Amazon advertising.

For Amazon, more sales translate into more advertising dollars. As an advertising platform, Amazon occupies a unique position among its competitors in online retail. The e-commerce site had the largest share of online revenue during Thanksgiving shopping week. Ken Cassar, the chief analyst of Rakuten Intelligence, wrote last week that Amazon's advance is insurmountable.

Cassar told Marketing Land that Amazon's peak holiday season is expected to last until the week before Christmas.

"Amazon's peak vacation sharing period was recently Cyber ​​Monday, a week before Christmas, as customers returned to their old habits, convinced that Amazon would deliver parcels on time Says Cassar. The analyst told Marketing Land that, according to data from Rakuten Intelligence, this year's 36-h 2018 Prime Day remained the company's two-biggest sales days in the United States, surpassing its combined sales of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

"On the first day of the contest, Amazon has very little competition, while Cyber ​​Weekend competition is fierce, and traditional retailers are spending a lot of money on advertising and offering very competitive promotions," says Cassar.

Even with the holiday contest, Amazon has always taken the largest share of online dollars. Kenshoo says the results of Amazon's holidays prove that when advertisers invest in Amazon's ads, the company's sales results increase.

"As strong as Amazon manages to place its best orders, it is clear that its investment in creating a native advertising platform to allow partner brands to get involved and d & rsquo; "Helping to generate sales is paying off," says Kahnrose on Kenshoo's blog. She predicts that Kenshoo customers will "keep the gas pedal in 2019" in terms of advertising spend for Amazon.

Why it is important. For brands and marketers, every holiday season requires digital advertising spending to be optimized, especially during the crucial five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber ​​Monday, and is the shopping period of the year. most popular of the year. As the First Day traditionally takes place in July, advertisers have the opportunity to test their campaigns on the Amazon advertising platform before the next vacation and to modify their expenses accordingly before the November holidays.

For advertisers with less money to allocate holiday advertising budgets, using Prime Day as a test period – or as Kahnrose calls it, a dress rehearsal – is a good way to test "Waters" Amazon before diving into the world. during the holidays.

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