//Adobe adds new features to its data management platform
1543911927 adobe adds new features to its data management platform 760x490 - Adobe adds new features to its data management platform

Adobe adds new features to its data management platform



adobe adds new features to its data management platform - Adobe adds new features to its data management platform

Adobe optimizes its data management platform (DMP) audience manager on Monday with two new features .

Exclusion of characters. One is the ability to subtract a common feature when creating a similar user model.

Lookalike models are often developed from the attributes of a group of users that a brand wants to research more. According to this principle, a model of the common attributes of the best customers can help find other users with similar attributes, who are more likely to become customers of that particular product or service.

One of the problems, according to Adobe, is that when a brand creates a template from attribute data – it's about its own data or third-party data from a provider – some attributes may bias the model the wrong way.

For example, the attributes that create the template may include visits to the brand's site or other specific sites, when these site visits are not useful to search for similar users.

Audience Manager's new algorithm feature exclusion feature allows marketers to remove certain traits. It uses Adobe Sensei machine learning to facilitate subtraction. In addition to eliminating features that do not add value, such as site visits, Adobe said the new feature helps marketers focus on the most influential features. When the brand has to comply with specific privacy rules, the template may exclude certain demographic attributes.

Impressions by segment, availability of the data explorer. The other new feature is the ability to automatically generate a report on ad impressions by user segment. Adobe stated that this allowed marketers to more easily allocate costs to different data sources for a given user segment.

In addition, Adobe now offers Data Explorer in general. Announced as a beta in September, Data Explorer is a self-service suite integrated with Audience Manager for use of raw data. As an example, Adobe says that a suddenly viral online article or an unexpectedly popular product can now be added as real-time traits by the marketer.

Why you should care Managing attributes and user segments is a key requirement for targeted marketing. The new features of Adobe can help marketers refine the management of their data assets by removing unwanted items, monitoring costs or adding unexpected user data.

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