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8 ways to make your website more user friendly



Web sites have become much more than just text and information on a page. Users expect today that your website will entertain them, offer them a quality and offer an overall intuitive and comfortable experience. Everything from the aesthetics of your site to the placement of your CTAs can affect how long visitors stay on your page. Fortunately, it's easy to make your website more user-friendly.

In this blog, I'll show you eight ideas to help make your website more user-friendly.

1. Listen to your users

Take the time to ask your usual visitors what they would like to see on your page. Getting feedback directly from your target audience will help you discover missing items that you may not see for yourself. Users often know exactly what they do not like about a website. It is your responsibility to take these comments and turn them into positives by correcting features that your visitors do not like.

8 ways to make your website more user friendly - 8 ways to make your website more user friendly put the user at the heart of your design and its content, your site automatically becomes more user-friendly. A few years ago, ESPN.com asked its regular visitors for information on what they needed to add to the redesign of their home page. They listened, added several of the items mentioned and saw an increase of 35% of the revenues . Note how their design has elements that someone would like to see appear on the page.

2. Accelerate the pace

Web users expect your site to load at the speed of light, even on mobile devices. About half of them say they expect a website to load within two seconds and will abandon a site that does not load after three seconds. Timeliness is certainly important to keep visitors on your site so that they can see if they want to do business with you.

Some tools allow you to check the speed of your site, including Google's Pingdom and Google Speed ​​Insights. These sites will also give you tips on how to speed up your site. Two simple things you can do to get started are checking the speed of your server and optimizing images.

3. Provide detailed information

When a site visitor arrives on your page, he wishes to obtain the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding your product or service. If the visitor needs to look for this information, they may assume that you are hiding something or are frustrated and heading to a competitor's website. The more you can deepen and make accessible information about what you have to offer, the better.

1536956138 966 8 ways to make your website more user friendly - 8 ways to make your website more user friendly provide their customers with a thorough buying guide that answers all the consumer's questions, including the cost of a medical alert system, the assistance , the certifications of the monitoring center and even the operation of the facility.

4. Making Intuitive Navigation

When a visitor accesses a website, he often turns to the navigation bar to point to the page. The navigation bar is essential as it follows the site visitor throughout his journey on your site and serves as a tool to return to the landing page.

At the same time, you must limit the number of categories in your navigation bar, so that it is not too big: you must also place it in the same place on each page. Perform some A / B tests with your bar, trying slightly different positions, tabulations and a uniform formulation. This will tell you what users prefer and what works best for your site.

5. Choose the color with care

Choose carefully the colors for your website. You need a perfect balance between beauty and clarity. Not only must your color scheme make sense for your area, but the contrast between the background and the text must be enough for the visitor to read the text easily and not force the eyes.

1536956139 163 8 ways to make your website more user friendly - 8 ways to make your website more user friendly can become a bit more creative in the colors they use by combining colors for a palette than a more conservative industry, such as the bank , would not use. This combination works well for this particular site. Although the white text on the partial cream background does not work well, the rest of the site is on the spot.

6. Improve the layout of your site

Keep in mind that many users are now accessing websites via mobile devices. About 80% of Internet users own a smartphone and spend more and more time on the Internet via their phone, especially as the cost of data decreases and the standard is an unlimited number of data.

In this context, a reactive presentation becomes even more critical. Does your site look great on both computer and mobile? It is not necessary to be alike. It's more important that mobile users can see things without having to zoom in every few seconds and navigate the site easily.

7. Attention to CTAs

Do you have strong action calls on your pages in places that make sense? Site visitors who decide to buy or subscribe to your newsletter want to know how to move on to the next step. Simplify it by using a powerful CTA, easy to locate.

Examine the payment processing platform used by Square with its CTA button. They consider both a color that will appear in the background and even the wording of the OTC, which reads simply "sign up with Square". They also chose to place the CTA button above the fold under. This allows the user to find the button the minute he lands on the page.

1536956139 780 8 ways to make your website more user friendly - 8 ways to make your website more user friendly 51% of people claim to believe that full contact information is something that is missing from many websites. If your contact is simply an email, consider strengthening this information.

The more you allow a user to contact you, the better. Consider adding a toll free number, a live chat option, a knowledge base and a user forum. All of these factors add credibility to your site.

Make your website user friendly

These eight elements will instantly improve the usability of your website, but the key to a site with good UX is to make improvements consistently. Take the time to ask your customers which tools would help them and add them to your site. Do not forget that the useful tools for an ecommerce site differ from those useful for a blog.

Test everything and try to see your site through the eyes of your target audience. Ultimately, your site will become easier to use for visitors to your site and potentially lead to more sales or new customers.

Is there an inescapable user experience? Tell me about it in the comments.