//75 companies that pay you to work from home this year
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75 companies that pay you to work from home this year



With these resources, there is absolutely no way you can not find an ideal job. Whether you want a full-time job, extra income or savings before the holidays, it has become much easier to find a job online.

If you're ready to start your career homework, check out the opportunities I've shared below!

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75 companies that pay you to work from home


This article will give you a better understanding of the most popular companies that pay you to work from home. year.

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - 75 companies that pay you to work from home this year Concentrix – This company offers home-based jobs in the areas of customer care, billing, human resources and sales, among others. In addition to free training, regular positions pay $ 9 per hour, but support workers receive $ 12 per hour.

2. Sitel – This company hires employees to process account billing inquiries, provide technical support, and answer incoming calls. You must be familiar with sales techniques then be paid between 9 and 11 dollars an hour, plus a set of benefits.

3. Asurion – is an ideal employer for those who like to offer a customer service to different people. The company has many clients from different fields who need the help of their customer service team.

4. American Express – This company offers sales-related jobs involving the processing of incoming calls while responding to customer requests. Payment is $ 16.13 hour, with benefits and incentives. Search the "virtual" keyword for all available positions at home.

5. VIP Desk Connect This company hires individuals to work from home as brand ambassadors, as part of the service of outsourcing that she proposes. Ambassadors must be passionate while staying in touch with their customers, including email, phone and chat.

6. Uhaul – This company is always looking for reservation agents to handle their clients both in the United States and in the United States. Canada. The payment is hourly between $ 12 and $ 14, which may include bonuses corresponding to the state's salary.

7. Teletech – This company has provided jobs to people looking to work from home in different positions. You will be paid every hour, about $ 9 plus training and benefits paid.

8. OutPlex – Available positions are for Customer Service Agents who are responsible for scheduling patient appointments and responding to inquiries. An experience of at least one year is required.

9. Apple – This firm offers positions to legal advisors who deal with issues related to technical aspects of products and customer service. You must participate in the training to be hired at home to receive the benefits offered by Apple.

10. EaHelp – The company offers virtual assistance services to the United States for people in need of assistance to lead well their projects throughout the day. Virtual assistants are specialized in different tasks required by online users.

11. Connections Academy provides virtual training solutions for students from different companies. The company runs a number of programs that ensure the success of their students, both academically and personally.

12. The Accounting Department offers jobs to experienced people in the fields of accounting, making appointments and salaries.

13. Work Solutions – In this business, you are hired as an independent contractor to work in areas such as sales, technical support and data entry. Payment is per project and can range from $ 7.50 to $ 30.00 for each hour.

15. Alpine Access formerly known as Alpine Access hires Canadian and United States-based officers to assist them in areas such as video gaming, health and decision making among others.

16. Century Link – This business is a popular offer to employers who provide customer services. They offer training programs to employees who wish to progress in their careers.

17. ABC Financial – ABC Financial offers customer service jobs to homeworkers to answer calls from members of their health club. The jobs are for people living in Washington, Texas, Arkansas, Maine and Georgia.

Part-time work at home

18. Liveops – hires staff center workers; Home based calls to receive incoming calls from customers. No experience needed to become one of their independent agents.

19. Time Etc. – This company hires virtual assistants based in the United States and the United Kingdom. Payment starts at $ 11 but can reach $ 16 for experienced workers.

20. Pleio-Goodstart – This company hires a home-based employee to fill the position of "Good Starter". The good starter calls the patients who need to be called to the prescription and set a schedule that suits them.

21. Voice Diary – The company offers part-time independent subcontractors who are home-based jobs and provide registration services and call verification. They have jobs currently available to US citizens.

22. Leapforce – This company offers positions for home based web evaluators. Candidates must pass their exams to be hired and paid between $ 13 and $ 15 per hour.

23. Reasoning Minds offers tutoring online at home between 8 am and 4 pm Payment starts at $ 11, but can reach $ 15 for people hired in the fall.

24. Objective 4: Tutoring – The company hires online tutors who can handle different subjects taught in schools. Applications for this job are always accepted and must include, but are not limited to, salary requirements, availability in hours and a Skype name.

25. Validated Response Recruits agents who work from home to make calls allowing them to check potential clients on behalf of their clients. The schedule is flexible and the salaries offered are generous for those hired.

26. Tutor ABC – Working as an online tutor is possible on this site as long as you are a graduate. Online applicants are accepted with experience teaching ESL, which gives you an edge over others.

27. Metaverse Mod Squad – Metaverse offers different positions for moderators, namely customer service representatives, social media representatives, and content moderators . These moderators are responsible for communicating with customers via chat or phone and moderating digital content, respectively.

28. Wonder – This company has home-based positions that require you to research topics and then submit a written summary of results to clients . This post is ideal for those who like to search for information on the web.

29. ICUC – ICUC hires home-based moderators to take care of trademark protection. The Canadian company ensures that its team properly monitors the copyrighted content and the information associated with it.

30. Appen Butler Hill – This company employs search engine evaluators based in US citizens. You must be a university graduate to be hired with an hourly payment of at least $ 15.

31. Homework Help – This company hires online tutors to help students with their homework. Students are connected to professional tutors in subjects such as English, Math and Science, among others.

32. Logic of Enrollment / Zero Chaos – They provide jobs for teleworkers who rate Google search engine websites. To apply, you must have a university degree and master English. Payment is hourly from $ 14 and up, depending on the project to be processed.

33. ACD Direct – This is a call center offering jobs that involve answering calls from pledge campaigns organized by non-profit organizations. The work is flexible and pays between $ 0.25 and $ 0.30 per minute.

34. Skillshare – This company offers you the opportunity to teach subjects that you know well and to gain from them. ;money. Classes are easy to create with the fee to be paid by the students who have set you up.

Freelance Jobs

35. Work on the Rise – This Company Offers Many Low Budget Jobs but the possibility of finding clients who pay well for the work done also exists. The work is varied and can be done by beginners or professionals from all over the world.

36. Guru – The site offers a list of job opportunities covering more than a hundred professions and whose rates of pay vary. Jobs on the site include administrative support, web design, business consulting and graphic design.

37. Elance – Elance offers many projects to freelancers, including research, web development, marketing, graphic design and writing. The company offers a free membership plan for those looking for work on their site, but you must pay for an upgrade.

38. Independent Writing Concerts – The purpose of this site is to provide paid employment to publishers, writers, bloggers and editors. If you have a passion for writing and can put words together, this site is for you.

39. 99 drawings – This is a platform that gives freelance designers a chance to win money. money through the designs that they create. You can also participate in a number of design contests to get feedback on your work.

40. Fiverr – is a market where members sell their services at a minimum rate of five dollars. PayPal payment for each task is $ 5, but the site keeps a dollar.

41. Envato Studios – This is a micro-site of work that offers jobs to qualified professionals through from a number of companies online. The services offered on the site attract varied rates that you define as a member of the site.

42. GigBucks – If you are good at providing solutions, you can earn money by offering them on this site. The tasks performed on this site generate a base salary of $ 5, but can reach $ 50 depending on the work done.

43. Freelancer – This company provides a platform for freelancers to list their services and to be paid whenever they work for a client. On the site, you can be paid between 2 and 100 USD for each service sold on the site.

44. Behance – This company is ideal for creative people as well as for artists seeking to make money online. This market place allows you to be paid, among others, for an independent work done as a photographer, designer or illustrator.

45. iFreelance – Get paid to provide services such as programming, freelance writing, and web design by this company. They offer many projects set up by companies looking for such services for a specific fee.

46. Project4Hire – This company offers jobs for different skill sets, allowing you to find a job that pays well. It is ideal for designers, coders, consultants and more.

47. PeoplePerHour – Earn money by providing SEO services, design work and web development services to customers of this platform. Freelancers can offer website-based services.

Seasonal Home Work

48. 1800 Flowers – This Flower Company Hires Customer Service Agents during their peak periods, namely Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Even in this case, an agent may be offered a permanent position in recognition of his excellent performance.

49. Amazon – The company hires customer service representatives to work at home especially during holidays. Customer service staff help handle the thousands of orders that arrive during these seasons.

50. Teleflora – Seasonal customer service jobs for people residing in the United States and Canada. The agents receive the public minimum wage indicated for the training period (12-16 hours). After the training, the salary will increase to 8 dollars per hour. For each season (for example, Christmas or Mother's Day), the finishing agents receive a bonus of $ 250.

51. Great American Opportunities – To be hired as a data entry clerk by this company, you must pass the test. The recruitment process begins at the end of June and in December to select those who will work for them. To apply, submit your application, email [email protected]

52. Groupon – This company hires customer service agents to help its customers with their inquiries by phone or email. You will need to learn how Groupon works to succeed at work.

53. Hayneedle – This company engages only residents of Nebraska as specialists in online retailing on a seasonal basis. You will participate in sales, as well as in customer service where you will help customers find articles while answering questions.

54. Nordstrom – This specialty retailer hires customer service representatives on a seasonal basis. Representatives will be a symbol of the HauteLook, which is a brand of the clothing store.

55. Skullcandy – Skullcandy is a company active in marketing and sales related to audio and technology. They offer brand ambassador positions to help them build their brand while marketing their products.

56. Intuit – This business hires full-time, part-time and seasonal home-based agents for the tax season. Expect to work at least 30 to 40 hours a week. The average starting salary of a tax preparer is $ 15.50 hourly. These are employee positions offering benefits such as medical, health, 401k, and so on.

57. Home Shopping Network – Earn money by performing home work in the area of ​​assistance to the customer and sales. The salary is hourly between $ 10 and $ 11 for both jobs.

58. Yardi-Matrix – This company offers telephone jobs on a seasonal basis, which typically lasts about six weeks. The hiring process is done annually three times, namely the months of April, August and December.

59. Cool works – This site offers seasonal jobs to young and old people who wish to earn money by working in the United States. ;hotel. Some of the jobs offered are at home, others require on-site jobs.

Online Tasks and Concerts

60. Mturk – Provides human intelligence tasks that can be completed quickly for people looking for work from home. Some of these tasks include, but are not limited to, web testing, data entry, and freelance writing.

61. Slice the Pie – Earn money by submitting reviews on music downloaded from the site. The music of aspiring artists, if reviewed regularly, can bring you at least $ 50 or more.

62. Rabbit Task – Perform domestic chores in commercial premises or at home and get paid by the company. Applicants must go through a video interview and submit background check information.

63. Work by Click N – This company hired workers from all over the world to perform various tasks. Tasks include web work, data entry, interviews and research, among others, with variable pay per project.

64. CrowdSource – Get paid when online tasks such as writing, transcribing and tagging images are completed. These tasks usually take a short time.

65. Cash Crate – This company allows you to pay for watching videos, completing offers, shopping online, etc. The payment can be between 30 and even more, via PayPal or check.

66. ClixSense – Get paid every time you watch ads or perform other tasks on the company's website . Payments for completed tasks are done via PayPal or even with Payza.

67. Easy Shift – This is a shift-based work that may include photographing or monitoring checks of price via mobile phones. PayPal payment is between $ 2.00 and $ 20.00 for each task performed.

68. Clickworker – This company provides a platform for the performance of short tasks and their pay. Tasks offered by the site include, but are not limited to, transcription, investigation and writing.

69. SEO Clerk – Sell your services on this micro site at various prices depending on the work done. Some of the popular services include blog comments, link building and proofreading, among others.

70. Crowdflower – This company hires homeworkers to perform tasks required by their customers via their site. They have posted the number of tasks freelancers can perform and are paid once the operation is complete.

71. Just Answer – Get paid to answer questions asked satisfactorily by site users. Requests are always accepted for the different categories displayed and payment is made according to the questions asked.

72. Zaarly – Find short job offers from the site and pay for them based on the work done. Tasks include ticket booking, party planning and DJ services.

73. Junction of the Commission – Pay for viewing the affiliate links associated with this companion your blog. If your blog has a lot of traffic, you can be paid a lot more when links are posted.

74. Virtual Bee / The Smart Crowd – This company offers jobs in data entry simple to do and paid at the end. Jobs are in high demand and you may have to wait a while before being hired.

75. The Wheel Wheel – Get paid for posting your comments on various online platforms set up by this company. Chat agents are paid daily but must reach a minimum payment threshold.

If you wish to find more companies offering home-based jobs, you MUST consult this listing . !

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