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7 Content Retention Secrets of Social Media Influencers



7 content retention secrets of social media influencers - 7 Content Retention Secrets of Social Media Influencers Although being an influencer looks easy and glamorous from the outside, those of us who are inside the know that it's all but that. Building an audience and spreading excellent content to which people respond requires a lot of work, experimentation, as well as trial and error. Finding everyday original content is not a trivial task. Whatever your area of ​​activity or your audience, you must broadcast high quality content regularly if you wish to see your fan base grow.

So how can you share valuable content with your audience while avoiding burnout? Content which means simply finding excellent content created by other people and sharing it with our our own audiences. Here are some of our main content curation secrets.

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1. Planning is essential

Did you know that your favorite magazine is planning its next issue in several months? do not throw their publication together at the last minute. No, they have perfected it since before the deadline. Influencers who are really at the top of their game do the same thing. The messages and content are planned weeks or even months in advance, to ensure that our normal lives correspond to what is to be posted. For example, if influencers plan a trip to Paris this summer, they will plan the week before creating and managing the content of this trip: what to pack, and ask for travel recommendations and share the content that others have created about this destination. Before the start of the trip, they are looking for the best places to take pictures. They arrive with a game plan and maximize all content opportunities. They could even arrange a meeting with local influencers to exchange content or tag themselves on photos taken during lunch. And they will identify the content to be shared in connection with the journey created by others, by adding a personalized commentary or their interpretation of the original statements.

When you plan ahead, your digital presence exudes professionalism. In addition, planning simplifies the creation and preservation of content. You will completely avoid publishing bad content because you have to find something as quickly as possible.

2. Use the right tools

Since Marketing of Influence has become such an important marketing channel that tons of tools appeared , thus facilitating our work. For example, Scoop.it is ideal for finding content that your will appreciate. You can follow different topics and browse all the great results that the community organizes in relation to that content. From there, it's easy to schedule a tweet or talk about it on your blog. Planning tools are also essential and facilitate the planning process. You can download all the publications you want to create weeks in advance and schedule them on different networks at at different times. If your main focus is Instagram influence marketing you will definitely need a photo editing app and maybe some 39, a video editing application that allows you to create visuals with a similar aesthetic.

3. Observe your audience

The most successful influencers have a deep understanding of their audience. They understand their likes and dislikes, what they value, what they value, what they want to feel, and what pushes them away. When you know your audience and your best friend, it's easy to find the organized content that suits them.

You can also periodically ask your audience about their biggest questions or difficulties about your subject of expertise . Depending on the size of your audience, you could spend weeks creating or managing content to find solutions to their problems. This has the added benefit of showing them that you really like it, which increases their loyalty to you.

4. Using Themes

The use of thematic content is a very easy way to find and share good content. Let's say that you are an influencer of travel and that your favorite field is Europe. You can divide your calendar into themes per day. Therefore, Monday is the local food, Tuesday is the local fashion, Wednesday is the star of the destination, on Thursday you publish articles about local hotels and Friday is devoted to the local culture . If you are an influencer of form, you can suggest different challenges every month or every two weeks that your audience can follow.

The interesting thing about the themes is that you do not necessarily have to share with your audience that you use them even. You simply know that because you've set up certain topics you'll post on certain days, it's much easier to create and manage content.

5. Team up with others

The concept of tribes or groups is a content curation secret that many influencers keep against their chests. These are composed of influencers from a similar industry who also create content and need content to share with their audience. As members of the group, they share the content of each one . Not only is it a great way to find content to record, but you also have visibility for their audience when it's time to share your content. This is a winning solution for everyone .

There is a good way and a bad way to find or build a band like this. First, find related influencers having about the same number of subscribers as you and whose content you like. Then, you can start building a relationship with them by commenting on their messages or sending them a message . Once you have demonstrated that you are not only interested in receiving, but also giving as ask them if they wish to form a group with you. Make sure to prove that he will have value before throwing.

6. You reuse what you have

Another secret to finding content to share with your audience is to extract as much content as you can from something you have already created. A short selfie video posted on Instagram can be transcribed and the text posted later on a blog. This same video could contain an excellent quote that you turn into a text image and share on Facebook. When writing an article on a blog, take a picture or record a video, think about all the ways and all places to use it. To avoid repetition, it is here that your planning tool comes into play. If you found five ways to share content, you can schedule them on different days on different networks for that your audience never gets bored.

One of the simplest ways social media invented to reorient our content is #FlashbackFriday and #ThrowbackThursday. Thanks to these hashtags, it's not boring to share a photo of a year ago. This shows your audience how much you have come and give them the impression that is traveling with you. Plus, you already have the content.

7. Measure your results

So, how do you know if your audience likes the content you want to keep? Measure it! Keep track of likes, comments and other indicators of participation. If you have found a source or type of post that they like, you know you can keep it. If not, find different content to manage until you have found something that they will adore.

The worst offense you can commit is to share a lot of content that they do not respond to, forcing them to unsubscribe because you do not have them. Keep a close watch on your participation statistics and note what works and what does not work.

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