//5 types of video to add to your marketing on social networks
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5 types of video to add to your marketing on social networks



5 types of video to add to your marketing on social networks - 5 types of video to add to your marketing on social networks

Do you want to update your social media marketing? Video is a great way to get your audience involved, but it can be difficult to determine what options will work for your brand. Let's describe five interesting options for your consideration.

1. Live video clips

If you have a large audience, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and other streaming services make it easy to connect with your audience. Livestreaming allows you to interact with your users.

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Live video is often more effective for ads, behind the scenes, and product information videos. Regular updates of short videos can continually interest your audience, while longer live video sessions can be a way to deepen your discussions with your subscribers through Q & A sessions and direct chats. .

Tips for Adding Live Videos to Your Content Marketing Mix:

Test your live video configuration to make sure all your technology is working.
Lighting and sound are extremely important. Invest in the right technology .
Promote your broadcast feeds on your social media accounts well in advance.
Use planning tools, such as the premieres of Facebook, to make your video more visible.
Livestream at the same time every week – regular programming – for your audience.


2. Tutorial Videos

Didactic videos arouse mass interest and are among the most often shared on social networks. Videos can be about your products and services or about broader topics that affect your audience and your industry.

Educational videos must be clear, educational and entertaining. They must be long enough to show each step and short enough to be attractive. The most important information should appear in the first minute, while the total number of videos should not be longer than a few minutes.

Absolut created popular tutorial videos for drink recipes with the help of Absolut Vodka . They are interesting, entertaining and shareable.

Tips for Incorporating Video Tutorials into Your Content Marketing Mix:

Ask your subscribers what tutorials they would be most interested in watching.
Stay active in the comments and respond to messages throughout the life of the video.
Make videos clear and relevant: they will be easier to follow.
Do not rely too much on tools or techniques that your followers are not likely to have or understand.
Have a clear call to action at the end of the video tutorial.
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3. Information Videos

Information videos may cover any subject. Build your content archive with videos on a variety of relevant topics . Make them unique, intelligent or insightful. When you add video to your social media, focus on the content that can be shared, making it worthwhile for the viewer.

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News videos may seem boring or dry if they are not produced properly. Your content should not only interest the viewer, it should also encourage the viewer to want to share it.

Notarize, a remote notaries delivery service on request, created a popular informative video for explaining the principle of its application . He explains his application using humor and nonsense.

The same information could have been displayed in a more professional tone, but that would probably not have appealed to its core demographic – those who do not have a notary of reference.

Tips for Adding Information Videos to Your Content Marketing Mix:

Bring to the videos a personality that matches your brand identity .
Do not make the videos too long or too detailed.
Analyze the best-performing videos to inform your future news videos.
Invest more time and money in these videos, which are probably the cornerstones of your content.
Pay attention to what people say about Social Media : What more do they want?
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4. Videos behind the scenes

Backstage videos are a great way to make your business and your team more personal. Highlight day-to-day operations, offices, manufacturing processes, etc. Interview employees, talk to the suppliers closest to you or with your best customers. All of these things are designed to give potential customers a better idea of ​​how your business works and who you are.

This type of video is designed to strengthen trust and brand identity. When subscribers interact with brands online, they may not have a clear idea of ​​the brand identity. It is difficult to convey the brand's personality in just a few characters on a screen. The video really gives the opportunity to dig which makes an outstanding mark.

A memorable video behind the scenes will strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer – and if the video is entertaining or informative enough, it will be shared. Honda Manufacturing takes hundreds of thousands behind the scenes of its automobile production.

A memorable behind-the-scenes video can develop a relationship between a company and a customer, says @realjoeforte. Click to Tweet

They are well produced, informative and insightful. They are also unexpected because car buyers usually do not see how their new purchases are made.

Tips for Adding Videos Behind the Scenes to Your Content Marketing:

Do not be afraid to infuse personality with these videos.
Think about the little things employees do during the day that might be of interest to your customers.
Use behind-the-scenes videos to tell the story of your products, your brand, your employees.
Integrate customers, suppliers, or employees into a behind-the-scenes video.
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5. Videos generated by the user

User-generated content is becoming a fantastic easy way to engage an audience . You can encourage your users to create videos and incorporate your hashtags into the download to give them more visibility.

User Generated Content is a great way to develop an audience, as users are more likely to share the content that they create. Displaying user-generated content is also a great way to get an idea of ​​your audience's personality and interest.

When requesting user-generated videos, the most important aspect is to interact directly with your audience and to recognize it. Your users make an effort to produce content for you: they must be properly rewarded. Rent the best content, share all content and assign it to all users. Encourage users to share content that they like (not just theirs) and make sure to follow your hashtags.

Tips for Adding User-Generated Videos to Your Content Marketing:

Encourage users to be creative or silly with their content.
Be sure to correctly assign the content to the creators and thank them.
Encourage selected users to share the videos with their friends.
Ask other users to vote on the content or share the content that they like the most.
Consider a contest or contest related to user-generated videos.


Lights, camera, action

Establish the foundation for a strong video campaign, step by step. By consistently producing different types of videos, you can attract audiences from multiple platforms and demographics. A balanced mix of video content on social media is essential for your video content campaign to continue to grow – and your social media continues to attract subscribers.


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