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5 tips for finding a job remotely



There is nothing better than waking up each morning knowing that you do not have to deal with traffic, from you beat people on public transport or even get dressed. My last job as a mobile UX architect has allowed me to work at home in 100% of the cases. That's right – every day I worked at home eight hours a day. Every morning, I went to the gym, cooked breakfast and talked on the phone with my retired mother before starting my shift. I had never been so calm in my life – a stark contrast to the one where I traveled 90 minutes to work in each direction in my previous role.

When I resigned from this job, I promised myself to only look for and examine distant jobs . Fortunately, as a computer professional it was easy to find remote working options. At the beginning of my research, I developed my own remote job search formula. This has helped me not only to maximize my options, but also to save more money – when you work from home, you avoid hidden work expenses such as l> 39. gas, restaurant meals and dry cleaning for formal. clothing.

Sounds like a dream? You can also find Remote Work if you perform a daily search using these six key components.

1. Identify careers that support distance work

To find a well-remunerated position it is essential to identify the job titles and advanced skills you need to work remotely. Occupations such as information technology (IT), engineering, health, customer service project management and recruitment can often be done remotely. But keep in mind that most high-paying remote tasks also need to know how to use webinar technologies, online database systems, and document repositories.

2. Exploitation of job search keywords from a distance

Looking for a remote job, I discovered that many companies use different terms to describe remote work. I took note of it and started using all the following terms in my research: Remote, Home Work, Virtual, Remote and Remote Work . When you search by keyword individually, you will find all types of positions that may fall under the concept of remote work – much more than if you were looking for only one term. Most of the time, only one of these keywords will appear in the job title, for example Project Manager (Remote) or Project Manager (Telework).

Once you've identified the right keywords, it's time to link them to relevant work. In my research, I wanted to limit my results to roles such as Project Manager, Product Manager, Senior Consultant, and Product Owner. I have therefore tried variants such as "Remote Project Manager", "Telecommute Senior Consultant" and "Work From Home Product Manager". I have also associated these keywords with relevant skills, such as "Remote Agile", "Telecommute WordPress" and "Work From Home Sharepoint".

3. Exclude constraints on location

By default, most job sites use your location to restrict available jobs by city, state, and / or zip code. However, when searching for remote tasks, you must verify that this field is empty or replaced by " Remote ". In this way, you will broaden your search criteria and obtain more relevant results. After all, most companies will not require that you live in the same state or country as the company's headquarters.

4. Create Remote Employment Alerts

Most popular websites, including Glassdoor, lets you create job alerts that warn you about new job openings based on a job title, salary or place. . These alerts can take the form of a daily or weekly email, or a mobile application notification. When I was actively searching for a remote job, I created an alert for each remote keyword listed previously and for each job title that interested me – for example, "Remote Project Manager", "Agile Remote Switch", "Work at home ", etc.

5. To know which companies hire distance workers

Thousands of businesses hire a large number of remote workers. Amazon Dell GitHub IBM and Humana are just a few of the many popular businesses in the private sector that offer opportunities in information technology, health care or remote customer service In my research, I also discovered, postulated and interviewed companies that I had never had heard and who liked to hire distant professionals. The attractiveness of work-life balance has allowed me to remain open to small and large organizations.

The key to career happiness is finding what's right for you. Personally, I find that I am happy to work in pajamas and to have the freedom to do things at home for my family. This may take some time, but do not give up to find a distant post. If you spend a few hours a day looking for opportunities and applying, you may just be able to enjoy your new life remotely in no time.

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