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4 new digital marketing strategies to know for 2019 760x490 - 4 new digital marketing strategies to know for 2019

4 new digital marketing strategies to know for 2019



Digital marketing is constantly changing, because innovation creates new opportunities for marketers every day. At the same time, your strategy must evolve and evolve with technology to stay ahead of your competitors. The popular digital marketing strategies keep marketers on their guard and are trying to innovate new and different ways to engage their audiences.

In this blog, we will take stock of the digital marketing landscape in 2018, discuss what has changed and what is new and see where you should invest your energy for 2019.

1. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Smart companies operate mobile cameras to enhance the experience of their customers. With VR and AR you can enhance brand engagement and facilitate pre-purchase decisions by bringing your products to life. By allowing customers to engage more deeply in immersive experiences, they are better equipped to find what they are looking for and look forward to doing.

Think of Amazon, who organized the Oculus Rift VR booth around Prime Day, allowing customers to discover a wide range of products ranging from electric bullet guns to refrigerators, as they would in reality. By giving potential buyers the opportunity to self-represent the products they own and to simulate this potential reality, VR preemptively responds to needs and problems, thus significantly improving the customer's journey.

When it is impossible to attract users to a specific physical location, augmented reality may offer greater flexibility and increased reach through integration with mobile applications. StubHub perfectly mastered the situation by introducing an AR function that allowed fans to better understand the city and the stadium before this year's Super Bowl. Potential ticket buyers could click to see a 3D map of the stadium, parking, transit lines, etc., facilitating their viewing during the event.

By strategically deploying virtual or augmented reality, you have a unique opportunity to provide consumers with the depth of pre-purchase information they seek, while minimizing the efforts that they must deploy to get them.

2. Artificial Intelligence

In the past, digital marketers were hesitant to incorporate artificial intelligence into their strategies. But while artificial intelligence continues to prove useful in simplifying data-driven experiences and improving the user experience, confidence in this experience has increased.

KLM has done a great job creating a plug-in with Messenger that simplifies everything from booking to check-in and updates on flight status. It's a winning solution for both parties: travelers can access all their travel information from anywhere, and KLM can provide it without hiring staff.

4 new digital marketing strategies to know for 2019 - 4 new digital marketing strategies to know for 2019

Chatbots can also be helpful in facilitating pre-purchase decisions. For example, Business Bot Bing integrated with the search results, allows interested users to get answers to the basic questions of companies surrounding them. If their request does not appear in the preconfigured list, the bot returns them to a phone number. The bot also asks business owners for additional questions based on what users are looking for, so that common requests can be processed more quickly in the future. By adapting the answers to users' needs, artificial intelligence allows you to help them better and more quickly over time.

3. Visual and Vocal Research

Research evolves beyond its textual origins, which means that visual and vocal research deserves serious attention now. Think of visual search as a kind of reverse search, using images to find textual information rather than the reverse. Google, Microsoft and Pinterest have all started in the fray and their numbers will only grow. Marketers can earn here by preparing tailored content to be able to wait for potential customers after their image search, while allowing them to better understand their preferences.

1543337694 20 4 new digital marketing strategies to know for 2019 - 4 new digital marketing strategies to know for 2019 Voice research also continues to expand to allow consumers to find more information without even having to lift a finger. Domino's was successful here, partnering with Amazon Echo to allow customers to order pizzas with their hands free. Allowing people to interact with you via voice search makes their life easier and offers the opportunity to incorporate the personality and tone of the brand into your response. The dynamics of voice search also presents a challenge for digital marketers, who must find a way to optimize their operation, both for humans and for devices.

4. Vertical video

As digital marketing continues to shift from desktop to mobile, it's no surprise that mobile video ads continue to be a big hit. Marketers use videos to involve their audiences in the application between tasks and on social platforms.

What is new, however, is the movement towards a more vertical video. The recent introduction of IGTV by Instagram continues this trend, allowing users to create long-lasting vertical videos. Although advertising is not (yet) available on IGTV, it is the ideal place for brands to share their content in a more organic way. The success of IGTV and other similar platforms deserves to be monitored as it could result in a major shift towards vertical video. If this is the case, marketers will need to create horizontal and vertical assets to fully reach their audience.

Stay ahead of the competition

These new digital marketing strategies make it easier for customers to access when and where they are ready to buy and improve their after-purchase experience. Competing companies know that capitalizing on new forms of content and technology will help them win new audiences on new playgrounds.

Which of these new hot digital marketing strategies do you plan to implement? Let me know in the comments below!

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