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Nowadays, more and more businesses are adopting Home Work Policies to give workers more flexibility. And in many cases, employees do not suffer financially because of this.

Most of the time, workers who do their job at a distance earn the same salary as employed employees, according to FlexJobs and, in some cases, homeworkers even win more. But what if your company is only willing to let you work at home in exchange for a pay cut? Is this option worth it?

Flexibility vs. Finance

Ideally, you will not be able to land in a scenario where you will be forced to choose between keeping your salary or enjoying greater flexibility while working from home. But if your employer forces you to make that choice, you will have to weigh the affected income against the additional benefits.

First, evaluate the salary reduction in question. Is it important? A modest salary cut may not be so bad if you consider the savings you can achieve by avoiding going to the office all the time.

Imagine a pay cut of $ 3,000 in exchange for permission to work from home. If you are currently spending $ 250 a month by train or bus to get to work or a similar amount of fuel, you are actually breaking even.

Working From Home can also help you save money by other means. For example, if you have children, you may be able to reduce some child care expenses, saving hundreds or even thousands of people over the course of a year. You could also be a lot less tempted to buy lunch everyday since you will have access to your kitchen. And if you're used to spending $ 10 a day on store-bought sandwiches, you'll save extra money on that.

Apart from saving money, there are advantages to being able to work remotely like the savings of time that you will gain by not having to move to go to an office. This is especially useful if you have a longer trip. In addition, when you work from home, you have the opportunity to do housework between tasks, so they do not wait for you late in the evening. This, in turn, could help you enjoy more of your nights and even accumulate extra hours of sleep .

Therefore, when considering a pay cut in exchange for your homework, ask yourself what your time and mental health are worth. A modest loss of income could be worth the sacrifice if it resulted in a better work-life balance.

Of course, you do not want to accept a too great wage cut for the privilege of doing your homework. If your income goes down to the point that you may be struggling to pay your bills, this flexibility may not be worth it, as the stress that could result could wipe out all the benefits you could reap. But if you are considering low income in terms of income for distance work, this can be an interesting compromise.

This article was originally published by The Fool Motley . Reprinted with permission.