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3 Strategies for Creating an Integrated Video Campaign



If you know the TV commercials scene, you've noticed that the year has been tough and budgets have tightened. All this change is not just in your head; According to a study by eMarketer, advertising spend in 2017 decreased for the first time since 2009 . However, digital advertising spending reached new highs at $ 107.3 billion. This dramatic change shows a reality that digital marketers have long felt.

Today, television requires more and offers less. The agency buying agency Magna reports that, in the last four years, television ratings have dropped by or 33% while advertising prices have fallen by 20%.

Faced with such a disparity between TV-related advertising spending and the yield – or lack thereof – of this investment, it is more important than ever to design integrated video campaigns using television advertising and digital conjunction to produce desirable results and achieve business and campaign goals.

Maintenance of Integrity During Integration

Creating an integrated video campaign can be difficult because different video styles address specific platforms. While a TV commercial usually follows a condensed conventional scenario in 30 seconds, a pre-roll announcement allows the viewer to ignore it after five seconds. If you want people to leave the scrolling of their Facebook news feeds and focus on your video, you need to make sure the first few seconds are appealing enough to allow the viewer to watch the rest.

How did create a video that works for all channels? You can not. With embedded campaigns, marketers too often try to use a video to fill multiple roles. They create a beautiful TV spot. Then they try to turn it into a direct response channel, such as social pay or pre-roll. To have a truly integrated campaign, reuse of videos will no longer be possible.

3 Ways to Create Effective Integrated Video Campaigns

I would like to be wrong and find a video that meets all needs and works on all channels. But until then, here are three strategies that have allowed me to effectively create videos that broadcast the entire funnel marketing:

1. Short teams according to the funnel (not per channel)

Informing your teams by funnel step is the easiest way to ensure the cohesion of the campaign on many channels. An integrated campaign starts at the top of the funnel, where marketing teams responsible for items such as TV spots and banners must be informed together. Overall, this note should focus on how to intrigue enough potential customers to take the next step. This next step might be to visit a website or learn more about another channel.

Then, the half-funnel methods include everything from social networks to influencers and even to the content of landing pages . When customers arrive here, it is reasonable to think they already have a certain level of intent, so you need a different approach than the one used at the top of the funnel.

Finally, determine what a customer's conversion looks like for your business and your goals. For example, when a product is in the virtual shopping cart of a customer, you can split the testimonials, references or other components of the campaign to incite it to add other elements or similar elements.

2. Pressure test your slogan

Marketers often adopt a slogan that seems to embody the brand. This decision should only be made after extensive testing through the tactics. The slogan must work on all channels, including online and offline. For example, Lyft's "It Matters for You" slogan works in a TV commercial, a paid social ad, after an application download, or as part of a sponsorship campaign.

A slogan must also remain relevant for the different stages of the funnel. LinkedIn's slogan, "What do you do with it?", Is not content to create a high-level consciousness. It also remains effective when a user has upgraded to a paid account, and this continues to make sense for a company looking to hire new employees. Remember that for an integrated campaign to work, no matter where the content is placed, it takes a slogan that can go up to the distance.

3. Tactically think of TV spots

When shooting assets for an integrated campaign, it is common for a marketing team to simultaneously think about the TV commercial and the corresponding digital videos. However, other simple steps are often forgotten. Think of it this way: a video session is the perfect time for other members of your team to be on the set and focused on paid social advertising or website visuals.

The creation of a video advertisement translates into a considerable amount of content that can generate an integrated campaign well beyond the broadcast of one or two ads. As customers go down the funnel, they will recognize certain aspects of the TV commercial. These moments will result in a much more in-depth experience. Video resources are expensive! Use them to generate related content for all your channels.

The achievement of integration is not without difficulties, but the results are worth it. At a time when TV commercials are becoming both more expensive and less effective, it is essential to integrate your video advertising efforts for maximum return on investment. The best solution is to eliminate expensive silos in your marketing department. Then make sure your slogan can work in any scenario and learn how to double (or triple) the creative time of your TV spots. This will prepare you to maintain integration on all channels and at every stage of the sales funnel. Now that you know the steps, it's time to start the integration!

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