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3 simple reasons why working remotely can increase your productivity



Working and collaborating remotely throughout the world, while being an extraordinary life experience, is also a real opportunity to work. to be more productive, more motivated and more satisfied.

To testify, there is a study entitled: The Future 100: Trends and Changes to Watch for in 2018 Led by the Famous American Research Organization J. Walter Thompson Intelligence.

For many, it may be surprising to know that, unlike labels, most digital nomads are not made up of "under-30" youngsters, do not constantly live in the world with a backpack on their shoulders, are not composed only of singles and do not work exclusively as a freelancer.

In May 2016 (and already three years have passed), it was published the data of a survey conducted among a sample of more than 500 digital nomads worldwide that helps to disavow this conviction.

In fact, this survey showed that only 29% of them were between 26 and 30 years old, while 33% of the digital nomads were over 30 (between 31 and 36 years old) and, surprisingly, 18 % between 37 and 45 years old. as well as 5% between 45 and 70 years old.

Most respondents (64%) also said that they did not work freelance, that they were not traveling permanently, but that they were staying in a country for a few months and that they always kept a "base" where they can make a comeback.

3 simple reasons why working remotely can increase your productivity - 3 simple reasons why working remotely can increase your productivity

Why are more and more people around the world choosing to become digital nomads?

Working without space constraints means being able to choose the workplace and, at the same time, having the opportunity to experience new experiences, learn new countries and cultures, experience new ways of life that make us feel good. more free and happier.

Not only Working remotely from different locations, in addition to being an extraordinary life experience, is also a real opportunity to become more productive and more satisfied with our work and our lifestyle.

You could find yourself living in extremely cold areas of northern Canada, where the temperature in some cities can reach the staggering figure of -50 ° C. Think that it's enough to install a system such as HeatLine.com to protect the water pipes from freezing. Or, you can choose sunny Florida where you can experience warm temperatures all year round. If you are planning to settle there (even for a few months), consider that there are great movers in Bradenton .

Another advantage linked to the phenomenon of digital nomadism is the possibility for companies that adopt "distance work" as their main mode of work to be able to access the best human resources and the best talents in the world, regardless of the market. where they are, without having to find them or have them available locally.

There are more and more "friendly remote" businesses in the world where everyone is free to work from wherever he prefers.

Why working remotely can increase your productivity?

Having the freedom to move elsewhere and choose the world as an office may seem like a paradox for those who have always sought happiness in permanence, security and stability in the permanent work and who have always considered the office as a ideal of work!

The truth is that beyond the usual clichés about flexibility and the fact that the fixed and guaranteed place no longer exists, it is the very idea of ​​working for life sitting behind the same desk, or in the same business, more current and not even what most people aspire to today.

The truth is that many people feel more and more pressing the need to overcome the rigidity and constraints imposed by traditional work, the obligation of a fixed physical character, pre-established schedules and attendance requirements.

Young people, in particular, feel a deep desire to carry out their personal projects. They feel the need to test themselves, to experience international experiences, to grow personally and professionally, to know new realities and to connect with other people.

Distance work has reinforced this trend because working remotely does not just mean working from home but also being able to work from anywhere.

So, why work remotely as a digital nomad and live a wonderful life experience can help us become more productive and satisfied with our work?

1. Freedom

3 simple reasons why working remotely can increase your productivity - 3 simple reasons why working remotely can increase your productivity

The main motivation that drives today more and more people to free themselves from the constraints of a traditional job and to work remotely is above all the desire to feel freer.

Free to organize their lives, free to express their talent, free to choose the place and time to devote to work, modeling them according to their ideal lifestyle and their needs.

This means that for many, freedom is an important value.

To be fully satisfied and to do one's best, you must always live and act in harmony with your guiding values. If freedom is an important value, you should have experiences that allow you to really feel free to get out of the routine that threatens to stifle what you are and what you would like to be.

Always live in the same place and work 8 to 10 hours a day at the same place, whether at home or in the office, in which case it does not make much difference, it is certainly not the better way to feed your need for freedom.

On the contrary: to move in different places, inside and outside our physical and mental boundaries, take the time to meet your personal needs, to face different cultures, to build new relationships empowering in places that facilitate this process, the best way to feel free.

Responding to your need for freedom will greatly increase your self-esteem and allow you to feel more confident and better in what you do.

2. Happiness

There is a clear and clear link between happiness and productivity.

There is evidence that positive emotions can increase the quality and quantity of productivity at work.

When you talk about happiness at work, there are many things to consider. One of the places and places of work is without a doubt one of them.

The truth is that for to increase your productivity and to live better, you should always work in places where you feel happier.

Remote work gives you the opportunity to work anywhere. The house, the coworking space, the sea, the mountain, the countryside, the city, these places of happiness are not static, but evolve according to the cycle that you live.

Being in the right place at the right time, is knowing how to listen to what you need at that moment to feel comfortable, in harmony with yourself and with the context that you surrounded. In this case, the nature and ecosystem in which you dive can be an excellent resource if used properly.

Think for a moment about where you have felt particularly well in the past. This will start to give you an idea of ​​what places might work better and be happier and more productive.

3. Creativity

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Creativity is a skill you can not live without today.

The world of work today needs professional personalities capable of combining creative thinking and technology, in different but increasingly interconnected sectors.

In January 2016, the World Economic Forum published a report entitled " The Future of Jobs and Skills " presenting the skills that, by 2020, will become indispensable in the world of work.

In the first three places you can find: complex problem solving (ability to act autonomously to solve problems), critical thinking and creativity.

Psychologists and neuroscientists have shown that moving, traversing, traveling, interacting with new people and new cultures was a step in developing new ideas, nurturing our creativity, and developing a culture. critical mind.

The reason is simple: Creativity is related to the neuroplasticity or ability of our brain to change. The neural pathways are influenced by the environment and habits, which means that they are also sensitive to change.

New landscapes, sounds, smells, languages, tastes, new sensations and new points of view trigger different synapses in your brain and have the ability to revitalize your mind. Creativity only improves through immersion, involvement and adaptation to new experiences.

These are the three main reasons for working remotely. Moving to different places can help you be more productive and more satisfied with your work and lifestyle.

But you must take into account another important aspect, because it is part of the needs of every human being and consists in creating constructive and favorable relations,

It is therefore necessary to develop a new paradigm that allows you to feel at home in different places, to do all this simply by activating the power of the relationship as the driving force of everything.

And you, do you work remotely?

Please share your experience here and leave your comment below, thank you!