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3 Prospecting Features for Google Display Campaigns



Google introduced three features to help advertisers reach new customers with Display campaigns in a blog published on Tuesday. Here's what you need to know.

Dynamic prospecting with product flow. Google has recently announced this feature. You can be familiar with the concept if you run it on Facebook. Unlike product ads based on what visitors have viewed on your site, dynamic lead ads display products based on past interactions of users on Google and Google publisher sites. Google says that it uses machine learning to evaluate product performance from your feed and offer products deemed most relevant to the interests of users and likely to generate conversions. To enable dynamic prospecting, you only need to link a product feed to a Display campaign.

Extension of the adjusted audience . The targeting extension option available in the campaign settings can be used to increase the audience to generate more conversions at the same average cost per acquisition (CPA). " The goal is to save advertisers time to maximize the allocated budget. end of a budget or a campaign cycle. There is now a slider that you can use to increase or decrease the range. It displays weekly estimates of impressions as you adjust the setting.

Custom intent segments automatically generated. Audiences have been encroaching for several years on the importance of keyword selection – especially in Display campaigns. Google automatically creates and updates custom intent audiences based on the keywords and URLs most commonly used in the content that users view when they search for a product or service , also taking into account the existing audience targeting in your account. ] "By using these segments, such as local products or electronics, you will not have to manage hundreds or even thousands of keywords to reach the right customers," said Tris Warkentin, Ads Product Manager. in the blog article. As noted by columnist Grace Kaye these generated audiences may be a good option for more recent or resource-poor advertisers. Automatically created custom intent audiences are now available in English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, and Italian.

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Why You Should Care About It Each of these features is optimized to a certain level by machine learning, which allows for increased automation of how display campaigns target potential customers.

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