//3 Content Optimization Tips for Successful Voice Search by @ashleymadhatter
1537446081 3 content optimization tips for successful voice search by ashleymadhatter 760x490 - 3 Content Optimization Tips for Successful Voice Search by @ashleymadhatter

3 Content Optimization Tips for Successful Voice Search by @ashleymadhatter



3 content optimization tips for successful voice search by ashleymadhatter - 3 Content Optimization Tips for Successful Voice Search by @ashleymadhatter

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Voice research is quickly emerging as the next frontier for research.

According to comScore forecasts, 50% searches will be carried out in 2020 and the majority will be


This is due in large part to the increasing consumer interest in smart speakers and virtual assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa.

In 2017, 13% of American households owned one of these products, but this number is increasing steadily and should reach between 50 and 60% over the next few years.

While These projections seem to suggest that you still have time to prepare for voice research, it is important to understand that it is not technology that stands out. This is already so the case here.

Approximately billion of searches are performed each month. This figure will only increase, and quickly, which means that digital marketers and businesses need to start optimizing their content for voice search today (19459011).

Even if you spent a holiday under a rock or in a remote rainforest last year, the term is defined.

It is much less obvious to understand how people use voice search and what they are looking for content.

So, let's separate it and understand how and with what user behavior behind voice search.

How People Use Voice Research

This is one of the most important elements to understand in order to optimize the content of the research voice. When we search with our voices instead of our fingers, the structure and phrasing used are completely different.

In a nutshell: we speak differently than we type.

These dictation services to preserve your wrists and fingers, thanks to the carpal tunnel, you will notice how different copies come out when you dictate with your voice against the guy with your fingers.

For example:

Voice Search: "How old is Bruce Willis now?" Text Search: "Bruce Willis age"

Because from tone of conversation We have seen a considerable increase in the number of long tail keywords, but it is not just about optimizing for terms based on questions ( although, as we will see later, this is an important element).

Semantic Research is also a large dimension of vocal research, especially when a series

"How old is Bruce Willis now?

Where was he born?

Does it have siblings?

Are some of them also actors?

Understanding the intent of a series of voice searches is a relatively new capability of our devices that will help us to better create the content above, not just the first question posed.

This means that when you are looking to create new content explaining Bruce Willis' age, you should also think about answering his birth question.

If you think, as your user, as a human being, then you will be able to take some advance on their next question.

Another way for people to use voice search is to define local information.

When users search their mobile devices, they use three times more likely to search for local information. This means that the local content is also largely influenced by the voice and vice versa.

Do you create local content for your voice researchers or just for these desktop users?

There is a lot of data available on what people use mainly voice assistants, such as this survey conducted by HigherVisibility :

google on how to improve sites that are not ranked by martinibuster - 3 Content Optimization Tips for Successful Voice Search by @ashleymadhatter

Although most of these queries are not real voice searches (definition of alarms, verification of messages, etc.), some are, for example, the search for local businesses and information, search for recipes or movies.

may be at the lower end of the spectrum, in terms of frequency, but remember that there are billions of research going on; even a small percentage is a considerable number of queries.

These data are also constantly changing.

As technology improves, voice assistance products become more popular. in conversation.

Voice research for the moment will continue to evolve.

We have already seen her become a practical buying assistant during the holiday season.

Last year, 25% clients used voice assistants to find holiday offers and emerging research products.

] Voice Search: What should I get for my friend at Christmas? Content Results: The gift that your girlfriend really wants8 presents your girlfriend hopes you'll put some gift ideas for your girlfriend Christm as

Now that we've understood how people use the girlfriend voice search and for what, we can consider content optimization tips.

1. How long-term question keyword phrases can help

The most effective SEO advice for optimizing voice search is to incorporate key-phrases in the content of the blog and the copy of the site.

This strategy works best if you manage to rank yourself for Excerpt from the code snippet . Not only will this work wonders for your overall SEO, including non-voice searches, but many voice assistants will take advantage of these snippets to respond to user queries if available.

google on how to improve sites that are not ranked by martinibuster - 3 Content Optimization Tips for Successful Voice Search by @ashleymadhatter

When you try to classify answer snippets, the structure is very important.

If you look at the answers that Google chooses for its paragraph snippets, they are usually short.

You also want to use headers to alert the search engine that you are answering a question.

This makes it easier for Google and other search platforms to identify and extract this content to create an excerpt.

2. Focusing on local content

Voice research and local referencing are closely related.

Searching for information on local businesses in nearby establishments is one of the most popular. why users launch a voice search.

It is therefore logical that following the best local SEO strategies is the key to success in voice search.

to take full advantage of your Google My Business listing because when people do voice searches with local intent, they search for them first.

A complete GMB profile also ensures that all the information that a potential customer might want to know is available. Thus, whatever their request, the answer is immediately available.

Add as much content as possible to your GMB profile and make sure all of your local listings are optimized for the type of direct response information.

3. Trends in Data and Voice Research

Voice research remains a largely unexplored field.

Users will largely dictate the future evolution of voice search. Research can help you predict what's happening in the future and better create content to satisfy humans and robots.

To fully understand voice search data, you need to understand your mobile data.

Fortunately, many tools offer search data for mobile (including Google Analytics ), which helps you better understand how your demographics digest the content of their mobile devices. more clickable voice search content.

Both on mobile and voice search, users ask for a quick answer. Desktop users always prefer a longer version of information, but mobile and voice searchers need you to get to the point quickly.

Shorter Content, Bulleted Content,

As voice research continues to evolve and blend in with consumer needs, they will be important resources for detecting new ways to optimize the content of voice search. assistants .

Other Voice Research Resources:

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google on how to improve sites that are not ranked by martinibuster - 3 Content Optimization Tips for Successful Voice Search by @ashleymadhatter