//22 things you'd like marketers to stop doing on social media
1555791944 22 things youd like marketers to stop doing on social media 760x490 - 22 things you'd like marketers to stop doing on social media

22 things you'd like marketers to stop doing on social media



22 things youd like marketers to stop doing on social media - 22 things you'd like marketers to stop doing on social media

Scrolling through social media can be an irritating experience.

Too many brands and individuals do not use their digital megaphones effectively. At best, their ignorance (of the public or the label of the platform) is annoying. At worst, it incites people to "mute" or "stop following" their social media.

To make scrolling less frustrating – and to help brands and marketers improve social media scrolling – we asked your fellow members of the Content Marketing Institute community to describe their biggest account of social media mash. And my boy, did they share? Thanks to everyone who responded to our #CMWorld Twitter Chat and to our requests on social networks.

Now let's go to the breakdown. (To avoid redundancies, we did not type "my biggest social media hype" for every answer, so some answers are incomplete sentences.)

1. Ask but do not answer

It really annoys me when brands ask questions via social networks, but they do not respond once you've responded. This shows that they read a social media best practice of asking questions to increase engagement, but they missed the point of engaging in it.

Amy Higgins Director of Content Marketing

#SocialMedia Pet Peeve: Brands ask questions but do not answer, says @amywhiggins. Click to Tweet

2. Take an Instant Step

When I am someone on Twitter and I instantly receive a direct message that launches me or sells me. I (want to) say, "Slow down, and do not you want to know yourself at all?"

Holly Lawrence Writer and Strategist

3. Selling Instantly

Commercial rationale via LinkedIn within two seconds of accepting a connection.

Cathy McPhillips Vice President of Marketing

When I accept your #LinkedIn connection request, do not start me, says @cmcphillips. Click to Tweet

4. Think of a unique size

Every network has some parameters, but I see a lot of companies that use the same size, and so on. for everything. The images are blurry, too small / too big and unprofessional.

Stevie Howard Writer

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5. Hiding behind the company

People using their company logo as a profile picture on LinkedIn.

Chaim Shapiro Social Media and Professional Consultant in Higher Education

6. Do not make content

Those who rarely post. Why create an account if you are never going to post?

Michelle Garrett writer and consultant in public relations

7. Automate Comments

Spam comments on Instagram clearly written by a bot that contain no substance

Maura Hughes Digital Content Manager

8. Try to fool me

Auto-reply messages that try to make me believe that it's not a bot that sends them. Really people, it's obvious. If you delay it for at least a few hours, you could trick me from time to time. But do not do it please.

Tod Cordill Growth Counselor

#SocialMedia Pet Peeve: Self-answering messages that try to fool me into thinking that they were not sent by a bot. @todcordill Click to Tweet
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9. "Borrow" text

When a person manually modifies my words to make them feel like their words instead of using built-in integrated transfer functionality

Erika Heald Content strategist

10. Do not quote

Do not give people a mention when you quote them. It's not just a question of attribution, but it helps people to respond better.

Gene Petrov Leadership Coach

Give people a mention when quoting them. This allows them to react more easily. @GenePetrovLMC Click to Tweet

11. Miss the people

When brands do not engage or care about their subscribers' comments on social networks – positive or negative reply.

Lilly Newman responsible for social networks

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12. The gibberish

Spammed comments on my Instagram posts.

Gwen Pearson responsible for social networks

13. Meaningless commentary

People leaving disposable comments that do not mean anything.

Taylor Barbieri Copywriter and Email Marketing Specialist

#SocialMedia Pet Peeve: People leaving disposable comments that do not mean anything via @Taylor_Barbieri. Click to tweet

14. False semblance without engagement

When self-proclaimed "influencers" claim to have 200,000 subscribers, you can quickly find that they receive a handful of comments per publication. You are an influencer … but you have a commitment rate of 0.00005%? Goodbye.

Christian Lowery Social Media Consultant

15. Do not walk the talk

Other marketers claim to be social media gurus and have a weak online presence.

Richard Sink Founder of the Marketing Consulting Firm

16. Invite without context

I really hate people sending an invitation to connect to LinkedIn without any context. Who are you and why am I worried?

Monina Wagner Community Administrator

I really hate when people send an invitation to connect to #LinkedIn without any context. @moninaw #socialmedia Click to Tweet

17. Giving self-proclaimed titles

This is a link between unsolicited (and unwanted) private messages and people who create their own heinous titles, like guru and ninja (no offense for real ninjas, of course).

Mike Myers Marketer

18. Write for him, she

Biographies written in the third person on personal profiles of social networks. I want to get to know you, not to read, to talk about business. I do not want to see your company logo or any other photo than the most recent photo of you. I call these things biological hazards.

Lisa Dougherty director, operations and community blog

# Social Media Bio Networks: Do not write your bio in the third person and never use logo for a profile photo. @brandlovellc Click to Tweet
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19. Add or omit letters

Is there anything more annoying than typos? It is enough for a small error in a message to make me question the credibility of a source . And once I question credibility, I immediately start questioning everything. Typing mistakes are not just a beast of burden … they do damage.

Sue Lucas Professor, Consultant

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20. Distribute the same content

Share exactly the same message on all platforms and do not customize

Tracey Bradnan Marketing Consultant

Do not share the same content on all your #socialmedia platforms, says @traceybradnan. Click to Tweet

21. I do not know the purpose

People using LinkedIn as Facebook. There is a reason why I am not on Facebook, please keep LinkedIn professional.

HB Duran Freelance writer

22. Miss the reason I'm here

Do not send me on Facebook or Instagram if I'm on Twitter. I'm on Twitter because I do not want to be on Facebook or Instagram. Stops automatic publishing from other channels. I will then receive half of your detailed message and a link to leave my favorite social channel. It's rare that I choose to do it. It just seems lazy or you do not understand how to use social media.

Lisa Rupple writer

No More Ventilation

If you want to discover other animals, read this great article on the choices of Martin Lieberman for 50 annoying behaviors on social networks.

And let's continue this therapy session / social media learning exercise in the comments. Tell us what brands and people are doing on social media, which is annoying.


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