//15,000 people responded to the offer of a day trip to Hawaii proposed by Arby
15000 people responded to the offer of a day trip to hawaii proposed by arby - 15,000 people responded to the offer of a day trip to Hawaii proposed by Arby

15,000 people responded to the offer of a day trip to Hawaii proposed by Arby



Arby's super fans surrendered by force for the bizarre cascades of the restaurant in the past, as marked swag subscription boxes that sold in less than an hour.

And over the past week, 15,000 of them have quarreled – virtually, not physically – to have the opportunity to travel more than 5,000 miles back and forth in a single day. eat sandwiches by the sea.

Arby's leaders, who sorted out nearly 100 ideas before choosing a promotion they thought was just enough, took 10 people to Hawaii for six hours. Cost for consumers: $ 6. (This is the price of a sandwich, but the promises are many, many.)

The chain reports 250,000 website visits, tickets are selling in "microseconds". (This would explain all those Twitter complaints that were not fast enough to grab a spot). The laureates are from metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle, Michigan, Minnesota, Alabama and Ohio being also represented.

The event highlights Arby's new short-term product line, which will feature fried chicken fillets, chest, cheese and habanero sauce at the pineapple (or all of the above on a preparation called Big Kahuna) on Hawaiian King buns.

"It's a bit absurd to go to Hawaii to try these sandwiches. , "Explains general manager Jim Taylor. "But why not?"

That's what potential future hikers wanted to make of the day. They appeared on social media last week: "A $ 6 Hawaiian getaway to Arby takes you to Honolulu to see the sights – the three Arby's Hawaiian Sandwiches of the King. No volcanoes. No pineapple farm. Just you, sweet rolls, tender meats and a hawaiian paradise to eat them. "

The precise agenda of this brief stay in Aloha State continues to come together, say officials, but as a starting point, Los Angeles International Airport and the date of 27 April are locked.

Quickie's stay is perfect for Arby marketers, who claim that they are looking for unique concepts that showcase the brand's cheeky personality. Plus, who would not want a mini tropical vacation right now?

"The winter has been long and harsh for many countries," says Taylor, who also brought fans "meat sweats," onesie, permanent tattoos on the the world's largest and smallest sandwiches and consumer ads announcing the move from Pepsi to Coca-Cola. "We would like to stay in Hawaii longer, and I would like to be able to fill a 747 with Arby fans, but it 's pretty cool to spend a day seeing it in a beautiful area of ​​the country. "

The cascades come from longtime partners Arby, Fallon, Edelman and Moxie.