//14 ways to avoid creating safe and boring content by @mindyweinstein
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14 ways to avoid creating safe and boring content by @mindyweinstein



14 ways to avoid creating safe and boring content by mindyweinstein - 14 ways to avoid creating safe and boring content by @mindyweinstein

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How do you stand out from all the clutter and make the audience aware?

People are exposed to messages (that is, content) consistently – to the point that it becomes noise.

Certain fundamental principles must be addressed, such as taking the time to identify and define your personas but it is just as imperative to know what their type will attract their attention.

We are often worried, as marketers, business owners, SEO professionals and content writers, to create content different from all the other players in our field.

What if we lost our audience?

What if we were too different?

There is a time and place for safe content, but also a time to be interesting, different – and even edgy.

To get an outside perspective of other ways To avoid safe and boring topics, I contacted Dustin Diehl Content Marketing Director at Digital Current and Troy Pottgen co-founder of Narwhal Stories.

Here are some examples of their own advice:

The Diehl Council:

1. You are not the hero of the History

As soon as you make your mark the focal point of your content, you lose your audience.

Your Client is the Hero – Get Them Enter Show them the essential role that they play in the history of your brand.

Clearly defined characters or customer segments help you identify what's important to your customer and get them involved.

2. It's not just keywords

If your content creation strategy relies solely on keyword research, it's not important. not really a strategy.

You must analyze your keyword search through the lens of your content strategy (the overlap between the brand's goals and the audience's needs).

You can then determine which keywords will really resonate with your audience and return to your business goals.

3. Stand out from the crowd

Does everyone create content on AI? GDPR?

Sometimes, news stories are inevitable – but if you can not provide a unique perspective on current topics, you are only contributing to noise.

If you really want to avoid group, think about what your competitors are doing … and do the opposite!

Bridging a gap in conversation is a great way to push your thinking and engage your customers.

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google on how to improve sites that are not ranked by martinibuster - 14 ways to avoid creating safe and boring content by @mindyweinstein

4. Learn from your mistakes

If you do not measure on content that works and the content that falls flat, you miss valuable signals.

If your recent list or downloadable white paper did not get the desired effect, your audience will probably try to tell you something.

Rinsing and repeating will probably give you equally disappointing results.

Be Nimble

Evergreen content is an important part of any SEO and content marketing strategy – but it rarely has the opportunity to capture topical issues or cultural hazards.

Leave room in your editorial planning of the announcement. ad-hoc content that addresses topics of importance to your audience at specific (and perhaps fleeting) moments

6. Mix your editorial planning

Create editorial calendars for yourself- same or with a team of prominent strategists and writers?

It's time to make a mistake.

There are great hidden content stories at every level of your business (or your customers') – you just need to create an environment in which they can flourish.

Invite a call center member to your next planning meeting. Have a product marketing program to contribute to some of the topics that they are passionate about. Plan an interactive editorial brainstorm. Invite a representative from each department to participate .

Getting an outside perspective is a great way to add different voices to your content, and will give you the impression of your editorial calendar. fresh and exciting in no time.

Pottgen's Council:

7. Why is great writing so important?

"Great stories happen to those who know how to tell it." – Ira Glass

The quality of writing is important for what Glass says, but also because The tragedy for any company or organization would work hard to build a useful product or provide a meaningful service, but then not to explain it so as to reach out to stakeholders (not just customers, but also employees, suppliers, the shareholders and communities you work with and serve).

8. What innovations have you seen in your sector?


A traditional approach is to market / show your products, to call for action and to wait for sales.


We now share our story not only about what we sell (the product or service we sell) and how it (the process used to make the product or service) service), but also of our reason (reason being).


We are seeing it more and more.

Sharing your goal through thoughtful narratives and providing events or activities that show your brand understanding and maps of how customers wish to communicate with your mark.

This operation develops more immersive, emotional and transactional experiences for your customers, both on the online channels where they are located and on the offline experiences that they enjoy.

9. What are the 3 most important things you have learned in the past 3 years?

Give yourself permission to ask "What if?"

You have a brain. It is wired in its own way, only for you. And whatever you do with it, there are more applications, more uses. Trust her and yourself.

I can not promise you that any other application of your creativity is better than the one you are doing now, but I can promise you that there is always another one.

Do not forget: the answer is always NO if you do not ask.

Share what you think, dream, do. Be honest. Do not be afraid to reach out.

We are naturally curious people, and the kindest of us will be excited by this curiosity and will look for ways to help. So draw on this curiosity and this positivity.

It really takes a village.

I have been honored and inspired by my participation in programs such as Valley Leadership, which have shown me just how big the organizations need to fill the gaps and make to ensure that this state continues to function, as well as its citizens, through education, health care, public safety, environmental conservation and other issues affecting the state. Arizona. Knowing the world would hear, what advocacy would you do?

"The service, that's the rent we pay to be. It's the very purpose of life and what you do not do during your free time. – Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children's Defense Fund

Edelman spoke at the graduation ceremony at the University of Illinois. the words have stayed with me all my life since then. Each of us has received some donations.

But I do not believe that they were given to us solely for us – in fact, I would even say that they are wasted if we only use them to serve ourselves. . They were instead given to be shared with and used for the benefit of others.

My Advice:

11. Becoming a Collector

At one point in my writing career, I was producing more content than nobody should deal with it.


If I told you how many items I thought I was crazy.

One of my secrets was a small green folder that I kept in the drawer of my desk.

Whenever I found something of interest, that it 's about a magazine article, a mailer, a advertising, etc., I stored it later in my folder for inspiration.

If I heard something intriguing on TV or radio, I would do the same thing – I would note it and just save it.

Not all of these items were relevant to my clients, but they inspired creativity.

I was writing, I was going through the file and thinking about how I could use the subject, the format, and so on. for my own article.

Believe me. It works.

12. Break the Rules

Nearly all activities involve a set of rules and predetermined ways of doing things.

Some of the most famous inventors, artists and writers were not afraid of breaking the rules.

Who says you need to write the standard blog that follows the format, subject and style of everyone in your industry?

Break the rules.

13. Look from Outside Your Field

We've been taught to pay attention to our competitors and what they do. It's a wise tip, especially when it comes to SEO.

However, looking beyond our competitors in terms of content can help to discover a gold mine of ideas.

For example, if you come to dissect a great article that has nothing to do with your field. Analyze it. Rephrase it.

In other words, think of different ways to use this article as a guide for creating your own masterpiece of content.

14. Embrace Uniqueness

This advice certainly depends on your area of ​​activity because it will not work for all. Creating something edgy or shocking can attract attention, but it is both good and bad.

If you choose this path, you must first consider the risks and benefits associated with creating this content.

I would consider my target audience and would refer to my characters. Would they find this content intriguing and shocking (in a good way)?

Below is an example of what I am talking about. This company is the client of a friend, Cathie Dunklee-Donnell in Ducktoes.

His agency created a blog for a plumbing client and decided to choose a shock. The result has caught the attention of local media and countless readings.

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - 14 ways to avoid creating safe and boring content by @mindyweinstein

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-276565 b-lazy pcimg" src = "https://cdn.searchenginejournal.com/wp-content/themes/ sej14 / images-new / loader.gif "alt =" plumber article "width =" 1232 "height =" 1088 "data-data-src =" https: // cdn.searchenginejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/ 2018/11 / Scoop-on-Poop.png [19459030HER19459018] Close Thoughts

Do not fall into the trap of creating secure and boring content.Reinden.Be bold.Be good guy.Have fun.

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