//100% remote! 13 great companies to apply today
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100% remote! 13 great companies to apply today



No daily commute, no one stops at your desk to ask you a "quick" question, no need to change pajamas in the morning if you do not feel like it … what's up? do not love work at home ? This benefit is one of the most interesting benefits and employers take note of it. As a result, an increasing number of companies sometimes allow employees to work from home and some even hire for full-time remote positions.

However, a few companies have adopted this concept on a whole new level, with all their employees working remotely. Nicknamed "virtual companies" or "distributed companies," these employers do not have physical offices, but each employee works from where they are. These companies invest in retreats, offsite team building activities and conferences to develop a sense of community and belonging.

Looks like a dream come true? Good news: we have compiled a list of totally distant companies that are currently recruiting. Apply today – these jobs will not open long!


Rating: 4.9

What they do: "PartnerCentric, Inc. is a fully remote performance marketing agency with more than 40 full-time employees based in the United States and Europe. At our heart, we build meaningful relationships and aim to be the best partners for our customers and for each other. "

What employees say: "The most beautiful people. The level of talent is very high among a highly experienced team in their sector. The service really offers to the customers. They understood 100% how to succeed as remote staff. – Current Manager


Rating: 4.9

What they do: "We are at the origin of WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, VaultPress, Akismet, Gravatar, Polldaddy, Cloudup, and so on. We believe that we must improve the Web. "

What employees say: "Open source, exceptional pay and benefits, support group. The lack of office means less politics. Amazingly little bureaucracy for a business of five hundred people. – Current Employee


Average Rating

What they do: "Toptal is a network of the top 3% of the world's best engineers, designers and financiers, available on demand to help businesses accelerate, adapt and evolve."

What employees say: "This is a culture of high standards, autonomy, and enforcement power. Honesty is essential and there is no sugar coating at Toptal. We work smart, take risks and have a lot of fun collaborating with each other. – Responsible for the development of current sales

100 remote 13 great companies to apply today - 100% remote! 13 great companies to apply today Close.io

Rating: 5.0

What they do: "Close.io is the internal sales CRM of choice for startups and SMEs. Increase your productivity with all your commercial communications in one place. We are changing the way the world sells by offering leadership in tools and spirit. "

What employees say: "As a new employee, working at Close.io was a unique and positive experience. By unique, I mean that it's not every day that you find a job you love, with a team you can not wait to spend time with, in a company that favors the constant search for the truth, trust your team and ridicule. By positive, I do not mean that it is not hard work or difficult, but it is the kind of hard work that you can not wait to do in the morning and dive. – Current Manager of Customer Success


Average Rating:

What they do: "We help people easily connect and automate the applications they use every day, so that they can work more effortlessly. Partners and developers, including Google, Salesforce, Intuit and Dropbox, use Zapier to offer their customers integrations with more than 1,000 other apps. "

What employees say: "Benefits: people !! The Zapians make working from home a lot easier than I expected and they are the friendliest team I have ever worked with. The work is difficult and everyone helps each other to succeed. – Current Employee


Average Rating

What they do: "MoveOn is the largest independent, progressive and connected organization group in the United States."

What employees say: "A truly incredible culture – open, transparent, supportive, inspiring and positive. Great leadership – I really trust our CEOs and our leaders. It's a relatively flat organization, so I feel like I have a voice and I'm able to contribute outside of my job description. And finally, the work is significant! – Current Employee


Rating: 5.0

What they do: "We are one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and the world's No. 1 roadmap of products. More than 150,000 product and business developers on most popular software, the Web. and technology companies trust Aha! create a link between the strategy and the team's work and create visual roadmaps. "

What employees say: "From the first day, I had the impression of being part of the team and that my work was appreciated in the organization. I did not know how a completely remote team would maintain a good culture, but we communicate so well that it comes naturally. (Meeting twice a year in the best places on our sites also helps.) "- Current Employee

1536962391 551 100 remote 13 great companies to apply today - 100% remote! 13 great companies to apply today InVision Application

Rating: 4.7

What they do: "InVision is the digital product design platform used to create the best customer experiences in the world. We provide design tools and educational resources to enable teams to navigate every step of the product design process, from ideation to development. "

What employees say: "A stimulating and exciting job on a product that defines the industry. Very good engineering tools and deployment process. Working remotely is the best advantage. Good work / life balance; the direction is the understanding of the daily family time and the family leave. – Current Senior Software Engineer


Average Rating

What they do: "TrustHCS serves the healthcare industry by eliminating delays, improving documentation and reducing downtime for you and your business. In the end, the TrustHCS team is dedicated to [implementing] effective new coding, compliance and revenue cycle processes that remain in place long after the end of our consulting mission. By bringing long-term value with each consulting initiative, mutual success is assured. "

What employees say: "Very [knowledgeable] flexible with a work schedule, great supervisors ready to help in any way possible. Work colleagues have also been extremely helpful. – Current remote encoder

Modern Tribe

Rating: 4.9

What they do: "Modern Tribe, Inc. is a growing design and development company. We develop customized solutions for some of the world's largest corporations, government institutions and growth organizations. "

What employees say: "Realize projects that use and develop my skills, opportunities for growth and career development, positive and supportive team members, flexible hours, and a work / life balance. personal. Really an amazing place to work. – Current Graphic Designer

1536962391 651 100 remote 13 great companies to apply today - 100% remote! 13 great companies to apply today Articulate Inc.

Average Rating: [1,9009005]

What they do: "Recognized by more than 78,000 organizations worldwide, Articulate makes it easy to create attractive courses for each device."

What employees say: "The culture of this company is different from anything I've ever known. Free and open communication, respect and trust for employees to do their job and focus on customer interaction from sales to support … The philosophy is simple: make sure your employees feel at home Happy and happy the work that they do. – Current Employee

Student Loan Hero

Rating: 5.0

What they do: "Student Loan Hero combines financial education with easy-to-use tools, unbiased personalized advice and repayment plans to help student borrowers become financially healthy."

What employees say: "I was skeptical about the Student Loan Hero; I thought it was too good to be true: higher wages than the market, 100% remote, with health insurance and other benefits. But I quickly discovered that it was absolutely legitimate. I have been here for a year and it's a positive work environment with fantastic and talented people. I am so glad that I decided to jump the doubt and join this team. – Current Content Editor


Rating: 5.0

What they do: Collage.com allows users to create and buy custom photo collages in frames, on mugs, on covers, etc., through their website easy to use.

What employees say: "It's a small, very dynamic company, with smart people all working towards the same goal: customer satisfaction. Decisions are always based on the data (A / B tests, cost / ROI estimates on all projects), which greatly reduces the risks of the policy. There is no micro-management and processes are designed to be as light as possible. Finally, having all employees remotely solves many of the problems I've seen in the past, with the team being partially removed. – Current Software Engineer

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