//10 types of customer behavior that motivate all SEO professionals by @jonleeclark
1543332624 10 types of customer behavior that motivate all seo professionals by jonleeclark 760x490 - 10 types of customer behavior that motivate all SEO professionals by @jonleeclark

10 types of customer behavior that motivate all SEO professionals by @jonleeclark



10 types of customer behavior that motivate all seo professionals by jonleeclark - 10 types of customer behavior that motivate all SEO professionals by @jonleeclark

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As a SEO professional, you probably have a catalog of horror stories to tell.

Every business is unique and every customer who goes through your door is different from the previous one.

Most of the time, these clients have every interest in learning how a good approach to SEO can help their brand grow.

Still, there are still some things that customers do or say can make your job a little more difficult.

You've probably met them all, but here are 10 customer behaviors that guarantee to make a SEO professional a bit crazy.

1. Have an abnormal obsession with position 1

There is just enough vague information about natural referencing floating on the Internet, so that it makes perfect sense that so many companies think that it is paramount to rank among the top three to be particularly volatile in the end).

Of course rank is important, but the main focus of SEO should be to increase visibility, to build a reputation and stimulate growth. the number of quality visitors landing on their site.

Position 1 is not the only way to achieve this.

You can help your SEO clients refocus by indicating all the effective ways. SEO brings traffic to their door.

For example, taking advantage of the local SEO tactics you might get a business belonging to the pack of 3 local, rather than at position 1.

local company, the pack of 3 is exponentially more efficient n any other position on page 1.

2. Believe that natural referencing replaces 100% of PPC

Many companies hesitate to invest effectively in PPC ads, especially if they have a limited marketing budget.

It is estimated that 41 percent clicks go into the top 3 paid ads on the first page, companies will turn to SEO in the hopes of generating exactly the same type fast and super targeted traffic.

Unfortunately, with these expectations, they will almost always be disappointed.

It's not that SEO is not effective or that it ranks second behind PPC. It's just that it's different, and that's what some customers have trouble understanding.

PPC, it's like throwing a dart and hitting the target the first time, where SEO is about nurturing and strengthening the brand in the long run.

The two win when they work together .

3. Thinking that it is only a game of numbers

There are few things in life where the amount l & # 39; quality, and the traffic generated by a well-constructed SEO strategy is not part of it.

Incredibly frustrating when a customer comes to see you and wishes nothing more than an increase in numbers.

Yes, directing more traffic to their website is an important part of the picture, but it's the quality of the traffic that lands there, which matters more than the simple number of visitors.

These are the types of customers who want to see immediate results, and an increase in traffic is a concrete way of measuring the benefits of paying for SEO services.

However, it is important to reinforce what SEO represents for this client in the long term.

Show them that dedicating energy to creating quality leads is more important to their return on investment, even though the overall traffic figures are not what they are. they hoped to see.

4. Want everything now

It happens that a customer comes to see you in a burst of desperation.

Using dubious tactics in the past, they may have already been penalized . .

Or, they failed their own SEO attempts and they felt that the carpet was removed.

They must grow their brand and they must do it quickly before losing so much momentum that they can not recover.

They want your help for SEO and they want results yesterday.

It is important for this client to understand that SEO can help move their business out of quicksand, but search engine optimization takes time and rarely provides a reward instant.

this position should not only aim to elevate their approach to SEO, but also think of something else. Think of other strategies such as PPC, or maybe you are considering other areas of your business that could sink the ship.

5. Have a ridiculously low budget and exceed expectations

Honestly, you can not blame anyone for wanting to maximize every dollar of its marketing budget, especially when it comes to he works with limited funds.

They made a smart move by contacting an SEO professional to help them, the only problem being that their expectations regarding a basic SEO service and budget level can be a little unrealistic.

It is important to sit down and seriously consult this client so that he knows exactly what is included and what is not part of your services.

Similarly, it is wise to put on paper some realistic. SEO goals and expectations so that their disappointment does not end up costing you your reputation.

6. Waiting for miracles with an obsolete website

This one is tough.

Many business owners feel protective of the design of their website, especially since they participated in its creation. Unfortunately, they are generally not too keen on the idea that their beloved web design is a major threat to the health of their natural referencing .

The SEO of today is more complex and takes into account more factors than it did a few years ago, and the quality of UX web design has an impact on SEO .

User-friendliness and user experience are essential for effective SEO, which can mean a complete redesign of website design. :

Outdated.Low loading.Not optimized for mobile users.In general, does not meet the demands of modern consumers.

7. Refusing to Change

This is the client who wants to get results, but does not want to make the changes that will bring them.

The optimization of the content strategy may be different. to play an active role in the management of reputation or to rethink their approach to link building – anything, they do not necessarily think that what they do is bad and they do not see any reason to change. Instead, they expect you to create miracles in another way.

Working with this client takes a special approach to show how others have built their success and how easy it is to implement these new strategies. may be.

8. You do not understand that SEO is a question of consistency

You may know the hit-and-run client.

It may be that they are frugal or that they simply do not have the resources to make use of a long term SEO professional.

Their solution is to work with an agency long enough to form ideas, get on the right track, and start seeing results.

Then, they disappear and it is unlikely that you hear them again before sinking into the digital abyss.

This is one of the most frustrating scenarios because you and the customer are truly committed to their success. they do not realize that SEO is a matter of long-term consistency.

It requires a dedicated approach that continually adapts to changes in the industry, search engine algorithms and consumer behavior.

Approaching the hit-and-run mig This gives some results, but that will not help the brand to reach its potential.

9. Being unaware of one's goals

Sometimes a customer pops up at your door because he's heard that he should be focusing on SEO, but he has no clear idea of ​​what it means or what he hopes to accomplish. .

This is not the worst thing a customer can do, because most of the time he is willing to learn, but it can put extra weight on your shoulders as a customer. as a SEO professional on whom he intends to lead the way.

The key to the success of this relationship is to keep the customer engaged. Help them understand what their goals are and their role in the most ambitious goals.

Take every opportunity to educate them so that they are better prepared to navigate the digital landscape of their business.

10. Having a very hands-free approach

Here is the customer who thinks you are paying for a service. He therefore expects you to take all aspects in charge – to the point that

This client does not mean anything wrong, it's just that they're so much at ease with other business operations that it was difficult to hire someone to take care of that. a huge relief.

The best approach is to clarify your role and then move forward, keeping them informed at every step of the process. Once the information is in their hands, it's up to them to decide what they do with it.

How to handle difficult customers in SEO

As a SEO professional, you will come across one day.

Some are easy to use, while others pose unique challenges .

Be that as it may, wielding yourself and communicating the value and evidence of the positive results achieved by professionals SEO services will help your agency grow and build a reputation for trust with companies you work with today and new businesses you will meet tomorrow.

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