//10 Amazon Marketing Hackers to Sell More Products
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10 Amazon Marketing Hackers to Sell More Products



1. Optimize Everything – and Make Sure Your Title Is King

If you want your product to sell as well as it can on Amazon, every step of creating your listing should be the best possible.

As a marketing company Amazon we will tell you that it is not surprising that the title is paramount because not only do your buyers will read, but also use keyword to be found in as much research as possible.

Your title should not contain only the product name. It must include model numbers, sizes, colors, patterns, quantities, speeds, types, platforms and each depends on the nature of your product. Amazon offers easy guides on best practices in different departments. These formulas are broken down by product.

For example, Products for small household appliances and the domestic environment should follow the guide: make + model number + model name + type of product and color.

But you must try to find the best way to incorporate premium keywords into the title of your product that do not already exist.

However, you must also consider your appearance to make sure that you do not only look professional, but that you look so professional .

Put the first letter of each word in upper case.

Indicate weights and measures in words instead of using abbreviations.

Make sure all numbers are numeric and not spelled.

Use ampersands only in the correct cases; in your title, it should only appear if it is part of the brand name.

If the size is not relevant, do not put it in the title, use this space for the most important keywords. And the same with color, if not relevant in a search, use this space for something that is.

10 amazon marketing hackers to sell more products - 10 Amazon Marketing Hackers to Sell More Products

2. Write compelling descriptions

Writing a copy can be confusing. On one side, we will tell you "less, it's more" because your customers will always be in a hurry, even if they are not, they will skim everything, but you still want to interact with your visitors, provide them with a lot of information and speak their language.

In all areas of bio marketing we talk about not selling the product but selling the way of life. Sell ​​the benefits. What is the real desire to own these shoes or this dress? That you will look beautiful? Want a movie star? That you will be the most glamorous girl in the room? Use it to help your customers paint a picture. They are already studying your article, otherwise they would not read the description, this is your chance to switch them and sell them. Keep your lines short and enjoyable (minus that's more, remember) and sell the dream, not the product.

The other method to never underestimate is to use chips . Ideal for skim readers, they stand out far more than a paragraph of text can ever be. Try to define the key point of each bullet in bold or uppercase to highlight the important information, then follow it with lowercase standard to sell the dream that lies behind this information.

3. Using Keywords on Every Occasion

Keywords appear prominently in searches, but there may be ways to use them that you may not know.

You should already use keyword tools for new suggestions, as indicated by any organic SEO agency as well as the Amazon search bar to glean the most common searches for your search engine. keyword insertion. Start typing the details of your product and see what happens in the automated population. Can you use some of these expressions to join popular surveys?

Keywords on the backend

There are places where you can use keywords that will not appear in your description, title or instructions; For example, in the background of your ad, you must specify certain areas that you do not want to display as a sales copy because they are only considered by Amazon's search mechanisms and are not supported by Amazon. read by buyers. Make the most of them by entering long tail keyword phrases. You have fields and limited spaces so be strategic. Delete words that are not important and avoid repetitions. Optimize this area as you would anywhere else and make sure that it counts.

Keywords in the canonical URL

The canonical URL is the main link to your product's page. Amazon and Google use it to retrieve search results. You should try to present your main keywords to improve the ranking.

4. Inventory Management

1539186049 376 10 amazon marketing hackers to sell more products - 10 Amazon Marketing Hackers to Sell More Products

Inventory management is important for how Amazon determines if you are an appropriate vendor for its search results. They will not consider you a good sell option if you are out of stock, and their replacement will not automatically return you to this list. You must earn your place and maintain a constant inventory that can meet the demand shows Amazon that you have control and that you can handle everything they throw you.

Your inventory is also taken into account when reviewing the Buy Box . If you can appear in the shopping zone, your sales will increase exponentially. So keep an eye on your inventory. Use all the tools you can to predict the demand and make sure you always have the necessary coverage.

5. Use your comments as a rationalization tool

Our Amazon agency consistently recommends that reviews be an essential part of the sale on Amazon. Your customers are more likely to trust buyers who have already invested than what you tell them about the product. They know you want to sell and tell them what they want, but the reviewers will be 100% honest about the product performance and services received.

To receive these 5 stars, you must do the work. Keep your customers happy. Sell ​​them a great product and at a great price. Try to solve the bad reviews to show exemplary service.

Use the reviews to refine your descriptions

Another great use of comments is to take into account all the elements repeatedly mentioned by your customers. If there are features that regularly make your customers happiest, write them in your sales copy. And if it is also possible to use these keywords as keywords, what are you waiting for?

6. ASIN Piggybacking

Each product on Amazon has an ASIN ( Amazon standard identification number ). This 10-digit number is unique to Amazon for product identification. By using this code, you can know the selling price of all the sellers of a product and if you think to be able to sell it at a lower price than the best product, you have found an excellent product with which you can resell.

You will need to procure a supply that allows you to get the correct margins after accounting for all expenses, but this practice is widespread when you are looking to increase your inventory of products.

10 amazon marketing hackers to sell more products - 10 Amazon Marketing Hackers to Sell More Products

7. Choose the right ad format and continuously optimize performance

Amazon wants you to sell more; that's how he makes such a big percentage of his money. They also encourage you to buy paid advertising to boost your traffic and sales. Ensuring that you use the right advertising format is also important.

This mainly applies to Amazon sellers, as opposed to their third-party sellers, as there are three main formats from which sellers can choose, among which the third-party seller has only one . This can be confusing and you may want to consider using an Amazon marketing agency to guide you through best practices.

Sellers can buy Amazon sponsored ads search ads for the title Amazon or Amazon Product Ads and each of them works in different areas and in different ways. . To gather information about the best performance for your products, you must test each one of them and compare the results and cost data. The position of your ad may indicate which method is best because of their location. For example, product announcements can help sellers who do not have the box as they appear on a competitor's product detail page.

8. To be in the box to purchase

One of the biggest benefits we think of as a sales consultant Amazon is how to figure in the box to purchase . Of all the sellers of a particular product, only four appear specifically with their own Add to Cart button.

So what are the important parameters to take into account?


The price will always be important and it's no different here. What you need to take into account, is that Amazon does not just prefer the cheapest options to the list, but the cheapest options after taking into account the shipping costs.

Expedition Performance

Amazon wants to offer the best service in every way. Therefore, if you constantly prove that you ship your products to customers quickly and efficiently, you score points. Being part of their program Fulfilled by Amazon will also help. The other key indicators that you need to work on are your order defaults and perfect order percentages because they also affect the ability to sit in the box to buy.

Bookseller Rating

Each seller listed in the purchase box has a sales rate greater than 90%. That says a lot about how Amazon views its favorite sellers. Those who offer the best service are the ones they will choose to promote.

9. Coupons powered by sellers

1539186049 835 10 amazon marketing hackers to sell more products - 10 Amazon Marketing Hackers to Sell More Products

Savvy shoppers are always looking for a good deal. Amazon recognizes it and offers buyers a unique portal to collect coupons for discounts.

Promotions and daily savings are highlighted on the website and can be used off-site to drive traffic to your product pages.

The tips for getting the most out of VPC are:

Promote Them

Coupon pages work like any other list to promote it independently. The coupon link can generate more traffic and sales than the product link itself.

Offer better discounts than your competitors

If buyers are looking for the best deal, then find the way to be. The best offers will have the best chance of appearing in a showcase.

Using third party coupon sites

Thousands of external sites offer special offers, coupons, discount codes and more. You can think of them as an option to develop your inbound marketing methodology. Once you start submitting your VPCs to these, you must monitor the sites generating the most traffic. Build on them and spend time testing the driving of new drivers.

Exchange Coupons for Sales Statistics

We explained how important it was to get good reviews and good ratings, so why not give away a VPC discount to all friends and family in exchange for a commendation and a 5 star ranking? It could make all the difference to gain the trust of customers in your sales needs.

10. Shared essays

Any Amazon marketing expert will judge his successes, his failures and opportunities for positive progress through testing. In this world of data and metrics, it's important to test all the options to see what works best, instead of guessing and hoping.

You should test all your options by making changes and measuring the results.

The main area is obviously the price – not just your price. You must be aware of the price evolution of your competitor to get an idea of ​​how to present yours. Would a lower price earn a higher sales volume? Or would you make more money with lower sales volume for a higher priced product?

The other key areas for testing are the sales copy and the image of the main picture . You may think that all your images show your product in the same way, but by testing, you'll have data to explore to find the sales and traffic trends that match those changes.